Front quickstart guide


Welcome to Front! If you are thinking about signing up to trial Front, or already have, here's the guide to getting started!

What is Front?

Front is the shared inbox for teams that unifies all your different communication channels into one place so that your team can seamlessly collaborate. Check out these articles to get acquainted with what Front does:

Set up your team environment

The first person to start a trial for your company is the default company admin, who can then set up the team's shared inboxes, rules, and more (or invite more teammates to help). Admins can grant access to shared inboxes to all or a subset of teammates in the workspace. Here's how to get started with team settings:

Note: It is not possible to combine multiple Front instances. Front accounts from Company A, cannot be merged with Company B.

Invite your teammates

Admins can invite teammates at any time, and having teammates is one of the best parts about Front! Here is how to add and manage them:

Start collaborating

Now that you have your team settings set up and your teammates are on Front, you can start working together! Here are some of the most popular collaboration features in Front:

Set up your personal environment

All teammates can add their own personal channels to Front inboxes. There are an array of settings you can take advantage of to optimize your own productivity and workflows:

Build workflows for the team and yourself

Front is equipped with a variety of features that will help you automate processes and build more efficient workflows. Here are some popular features you can utilize for the team and/or for your own personal account:

If you have questions along the way, email and we'll be happy to help!


Visit our pricing page for information on the features included in your Front plan.