How to use @mentions in comments


When you need some help from a teammate, you can just @mention them in a comment instead of forwarding them the email to create a separate email thread or pinging them in Slack. The internal discussion is saved right within the Front conversation for future reference, so everyone can see what’s going on.

After you @mention a teammate in your comment, the conversation will appear in their Shared with me section.

How it works

Mention one teammate

You can mention specific teammates by using the @ symbol within the comments section of a conversation. This person will be notified according to their notification settings and the conversation will appear in their Shared with me section.

Typing the @ symbol will show your top 5 most commonly mentioned teammates. As you type in their name, the suggestions list will adjust.

Mention your whole team

You can mention everyone on your team using @all, and every teammate will be notified. The conversation will appear in their Shared with me section. @all notifications vary by inbox:

  • Shared inboxes: @all will only notify teammates with access to the inbox where that conversation lives.

  • Individual inboxes: @all will not mention anyone, unless:

    • This conversation already has participants. In that case the existing participants will get notified by the @all mention.

    • Your inbox is delegated to teammates. In that case the teammates to whom you've delegated your inbox will get notified by the @all mention.

Mention a custom group using rules

You can also create an @mention shortcut that will mention a specific group of people, using rules. For instance, this rule will allow you to use the mention @cx to notify the teammates listed below.

Adding the trigger New comment is added from any teammate will allow the
rule to run for standard comments as well as @mentions that
include "@cx".

Mention teammates without access to the workspace

If your company has multiple workspaces, then you are able to @mention teammates without access to the conversation's workspace in the comments of a share inbox conversation. If a teammate does not have access to the workspace, their name will be marked with Not in workspace in the autosuggest menu.

Mentioning a teammate without access to the workspace will give them access to the conversation. Before posting your comment, you will be prompted to confirm that you'd like to share the conversation with them.

Mentions in individual inboxes

Mentioning a specific teammate in a conversation from an individual inbox will prompt a dialog offering you to invite the teammate to this conversation. This will not give your teammate's ability to read other conversations from your individual inbox, or to send messages in your name.

Mention an external guest

Front allows you to share conversations with people outside of your organization by @mentioning them in the comments. For more information about inviting external guests, check out this article.


This feature is available on all plans.