Understanding your Shared with me section


Your Shared with me section is located under your Assigned to me section in your main Inbox, and contains all conversations where you’re a participant, but not the assignee.

The Shared with me section lets you effortlessly stay on top of the conversations most relevant to you. You can use your Shared with me section to keep track of your @mentions, see new activity in conversations you follow, and more!

When teams work collaboratively out of Front, everyone participating in a conversation can quickly reference their Shared with me section for updates, and can be confident that their teammates are up to date as well-- making your team more efficient as a whole.

How it works

What's in your Shared with me section

Any conversations you’re subscribed to will appear in your Shared with me section. See our article on subscribing to conversations for a breakdown of how conversations make it into your Shared with me.

Conversation status

  • Open: When there's new activity in a conversation you're subscribed to, the conversation will show as open and unread in your Shared with me section. The conversation will remain in the Open tab of your Shared with me section until you choose to archive/snooze/trash it, regardless of if it's been archived/snoozed/trashed in the inbox itself.

  • Archived: The Archived tab of Shared with me will show the conversations that you have archived directly from your own Shared with me section.

  • Snoozed:  The Snoozed tab will only show conversations that you personally snoozed from your Shared with me section.

Counters and bolding

When new activity occurs in one of your subscribed conversations, the Shared with me section will be bolded in your sidebar.

Shared with me counters follow your individual inbox counters preference.


For information on preferences that affect Shared with me, check out this article.


What if I archive or snooze in Shared with me?

Archiving a conversation directly from your Shared with me section will only impact yourself. The conversation will not be archived for any other participants, nor will it be archived in the inbox it lives in. See this article for more details.

Similarly, if you snooze a conversation directly from Shared with me, the snooze will apply to only yourself. It will not snooze the conversation in any inboxes, or for any other participants. More information here.

How do I stop receiving updates in Shared with me?

You can do this by unsubscribing from the conversation. Check out this article for more information, and for instructions on unsubscribing from a conversation.

Is Shared with me part of my own Inbox?

Shared with me is one of the sections included in your main inbox. If you click on Inbox at the top of your sidebar, all conversations from Shared with me will be included in the conversation list (alongside conversations from Assigned to me, Discussions, your private inboxes, and your Starred conversations).

However, conversations from Shared with me will not appear if you click on any of your specific private inboxes under the main Inbox section.

I commented, but why isn't it showing in Shared with me?

If you have Auto-subscribe on comment turned off in your Preferences, then conversations will not automatically appear in Shared with me each time you leave a comment. You can change this from your Personal settings by going to Preferences, and toggling on Auto-subscribe on comment.

More information on auto-subscribe can be found here.

I sent a reply, but why is it showing in Shared with me?

If you have Auto-subscribe on reply turned on in your Preferences, then conversations will automatically appear in Shared with me each time you send a reply from a shared inbox. You can change this from your Personal settings by going to Preferences, and toggling off Auto-subscribe on reply.

More information on auto-subscribe can be found here.

Are smart merged conversations reflected in Shared with me?

If a teammate @mentions you on their copy of a conversation, and this smart-merges your individual inbox copy with their copy, then the conversation will not appear in your Shared with me section when you are @mentioned. Instead, your individual inbox will be bolded when your teammate @mentions you, and the conversation will continue to live in your individual inbox.