How to change your notification settings



Front's notification settings give you fined tuned controls over the alerts you receive for new activity in Front. You can choose from one of our default modes, or create custom notification rules for specific situations.

Front allows you to manage your desktop, mobile, and email notifications independently.


Basic notifications

Step 1

Click the gear icon on the top right of Front, go into the Personal settings tab, and select Notifications.

Step 2

Choose your basic notification modes (All notifications, Smart notifications, or No notifications) for desktop, email, and mobile.

Step 3

Click Save.

Advanced notifications

You can use advanced notification rules to customize your notification settings further and trigger notifications for exactly what you need. If you use a lot of advanced notification rules, we recommended switching to No notifications for your basic modes and just building rules for the notifications you need.

Step 1

Click the gear icon on the top right of Front, go into the Personal settings tab, and select Notifications.

Step 2

In your notification settings, click Add a notification rule.

Step 3

Enter the conditions for your notification rule.

If rules conflict, the more specific rule will override the more general rule. Advanced notification rules will override your basic notification mode. For example, if the conditions for a rule that says Don't notify me are met, there won’t be a notification — even if your basic All or Smart notification mode would normally notify you.

Step 5

Click Create.

How it works

Smart notifications

Smart notifications are our most popular defaults for new customers. If you select Smart notifications in your basic notification settings, here are the notifications you will receive:


Desktop notifications

Mobile notifications

Email notifications

New message is received in any workspace you have access to




New message is sent in any shared inbox you have access to




You are assigned a conversation from any inbox

You are @mentioned on a comment in any inbox

A conversation you snoozed reopens


New message or comment in a conversation assigned to you


New message or comment in a conversation you follow



A sent message failed to be delivered from any inbox you have access to




You are notified by a rule in any inbox

Notification timing

  • Desktop notifications are sent immediately.

  • Mobile notifications are delayed by 20 seconds (and sent if the message has not been seen).

  • Email notifications are delayed by 30 seconds (and sent if the message has not been seen).

Sound notifications

Follow these instructions to turn on/off audio notifications for Front.

Browser notifications 

When using Front on your web browser, you'll see the Enable browser notifications button greyed out if you have notifications blocked in your browser settings.

To enable browser notifications for Front, you will need allow Front notifications in your browser settings. Once you have done this, reload the Front website. The Enable browser notification will no longer appear in your Front notification settings, and you will begin to receive Front notifications on your web browser.

For example, in Google Chrome, open Front on your web browser. Click on the lock icon 🔒  next to the URL and toggle on the Notifications setting to enable Front notifications for your web browser. 

Windows notification duration

If you're using the Windows desktop app, follow the steps here to customize the duration of your Front desktop notifications.


How do I disable personal inbox notifications?

If you do not want to be notified about incoming messages in your individual (personal) inbox, you will need to create two advanced notification rules:

  1. If a message arrives in Individual inbox, then Don’t notify me.

  2. If a new activity occurs in conversation I follow in Individual inbox, then Don’t notify me.

A new inbound message counts as both a message and an activity, so both rules are required.

I’m not receiving any notifications. What can I check?

In Front:

  1. Ensure your Front status is set to Available in the top right corner. You will not receive notifications if you are set to Out of Office or Do Not Disturb.

  2. Double check your Front notification settings. Basic notifications should be set to Smart or All. Check for any advanced notification rules that might block notifications.

In your system settings:

  1. Notifications should be turned on for your app or web browser in your device’s system preferences. Click for instructions for Mac, Windows, or Chrome.

  2. Ensure Focus mode (Mac) or Focus assist mode (Windows) are turned off.