Understanding Analytics


Analytics allows you to get information about the performance of your team to help increase your efficiency. You can easily create reports to filter for specific inboxes, channels, teammates, tags, or any combination of the above. Get an orientation of the main analytics topics in this article.

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Types of Analytics reports

Overview report

The Overview report provides a summary of insights in which you can customize which key metrics to display, see volume changes over time, and more. Learn more about the Overview report here.

Team Performance report

The Team Performance report is the ideal place to monitor team productivity, identify when your team is overloaded, and help leaders make the right decisions to best serve customers. It will show reply times, a heatmap of your busiest hours, and a list of how each teammate is performing. Learn more about the Team Performance report here.

Conversations report

The Conversations report shows the statuses, lifecycle, and volume of conversations in your inboxes. Learn more about the Conversations report here.

Tags report

The Tags report provides insight on your tags by showing a breakdown of conversations that are tagged vs. untagged, displaying statistics on each individual tag, and giving information about tag changes during your reporting period. Learn more about the Tags report here.

Message Templates report

The Message Templates report helps you understand your team's message template usage by showing a breakdown of messages sent with and without message templates, and displaying statistics on each individual message template. Learn more about the Message Templates report here.

SLAs report

The SLAs report helps you better understand SLA breaches. You will see averages for your SLA breaches, SLA performance over time, and a chart summarizing your SLA rules with the number of conversations in breach for each rule. Learn more about the SLAs report here.

Customer Satisfaction report

The Customer Satisfaction report provides CSAT insights, and shows a list of customers you have helped, along with their related metrics. Learn more about the Customer Satisfaction report here.

Chatbots report

The Chatbots report helps you understand how much value chatbots and AI Answers provide for your live chat experience, and gives you insight into how chat visitors interact with your chatbots. Learn more about the Chatbots report here.

Knowledge Base report

The Knowledge Base report helps you track the performance of your knowledge base by showing you page views, the number of visitors, and search keywords. Use these metrics to improve the effectiveness and quality of your content. Learn more about the Knowledge Base report here.

Analytics features

Navigating Analytics

Every Analytics report has the same intuitive framework designed for you to quickly customize and access the data you need. Learn more here.

Create and edit reports

Create and edit your reports with a few clicks, explained here.

Metric details

See exactly what conversations and actions produced the metrics in your reports. Learn more here.


Export the raw data of your reports in to CSV and run further analyses on it. Read more here.

Business hours

Set up business hours for your team so that Analytics accurately captures the times when you are and are not working. See how here.


Not sure about the definition of a metric you see in your report? Look it up here.


Analytics are available on the Growth plan or above. Some legacy plans with different names may also allow access to this feature.