Customer Experience report


The Customer Experience report shows your impact and efficiency with your customers that you have interacted with during the selected time period, including the volume of messages and reply times. 

To learn more about when and why to use this report for your team, click here.

Report sections

Customer Satisfaction chart


  • The Customer Satisfaction donut chart will show the breakdown of your CSAT ratings and the overall average listed in the middle of the circle. The key will be listed to the right of the chart.
  • The Sample feedback section to the right of the donut chart shows the recent CSAT ratings that were received; including the customer name, their rating, and the date.
  • Click on each metric to see the metric details; how it was calculated, which conversations were counted into the metric, and the CSAT comments. 
  • If you want to see CSAT scores attributed to specific teammates, do not use the Teammate filter on the report, which filters for any actions taken by the teammate. Instead, use the Team Performance report's Teammates table to see teammate CSAT scores.

List of metrics

Changes Over Time chart


  • The Changes Over Time chart visualizes your average CSAT rating over the period of tie you've selected for the report.
  • Click the dropdown menu on the top left to view the data as the CSAT percentage or the CSAT average score.
  • Click Compare to previous period to see the previous week's data added to the graph.
  • Click on each metric to see the metric details; how it was calculated and which conversations were counted into the metric.

List of metrics

Contacts/Accounts table


  • The Contacts and Accounts tables provide customer-specific metrics for the contacts/accounts you've interacted with during your reporting period.
  • Account-based analytics are a feature on Enterprise plans only, while the Contacts table is available on all plans with Analytics.
  • Accounts is the default view if you are on an Enterprise plan, and Contacts can be selected under the View by dropdown.
  • Type in the search box to find specific customers.
  • Click the gear icon at the top right of the table to select which metrics to display, listed below.

List of metrics


Set up a new report view by following this guide.

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