Satisfaction score (%)


Term name

Satisfaction score (%)


Track the overall satisfaction of your customers with your product or service.

For more information, refer to the CSAT guide


Percent of survey responses in the period that received a 4 or 5-star rating

Location & attribution

  • Team Performance report

    • Team Performance table - Scores are averaged by teammate in the period. A score is counted for the teammate whose signature was clicked (for signature responses) or who was the last sender of a message prior to the survey rating (for auto-reply responses)

  • Customer Satisfaction report

    • Customer Satisfaction

    • Survey comments - Three most recent ratings within the period selected are provided

    • Changes Over Time - A score is counted on the the day it is submitted

    • Contacts table - Attributed to the contact(s) involved in the conversation.

    • Accounts table - Attributed to the account(s) involved in the conversation.


For more information, refer to the CSAT guide