Messages sent

Term name

Messages sent


Track volume of outgoing communications. A good indicator of overall work accomplished by teammates.


Example use case: Charlie is sending many more messages than other teammates. We should check if he covers more issues or if he could be more efficient and have less back-and-forth.


Count of all outbound messages sent over the time period of the report.

Location & attribution

  • Overview report

    • Main Metrics cards

    • Changes Over Time graph

  • Conversations report

    • Inboxes table.  Message are counted for an inbox if they are sent from this inbox.

  • Team Performance report

    • Main Metrics cards

    • Heatmap graph

    • Team Performance table - Message are counted for the teammate who sent it.

  • Tags report

    • Tag Details table - A message is counted for a tag if currently labeled with the tag.

  • Message Templates report

    • Message Template Details table - Attributed to the message template used. 

  • Customer Satisfaction report

    • Contacts table - Attributed to the contact(s) involved in the conversation.

    • Accounts table - Attributed to the account(s) involved in the conversation.


  • Auto-replies sent by rules or vacation responders do not count as Messages sent.