First reply time (avg)

Term name

First reply time (avg)


Track the average length of time a customer has to wait initially before they receive a reply from you. 

This is a customer point-of-view metric.


Example use case: It is vital for your company that all customers know their inquiry is being considered within 30 min, even if it takes several days to complete their request. First reply time is how you measure that initial 30 min.


Average time it takes to send the first outbound reply of a conversation segment. Takes business hours into account.

Location & attribution

  • Overview report

    • Main Metrics cards

    • Changes Over Time graph

    • Replies chart - Each reply is reflected in the time range it corresponds to

    • Team list - Time is counted for the teammate who sent the first reply.

  • Team Performance report

    • Main Metrics cards

    • Team Performance table - Time is counted for the teammate who sent the first reply.

  • Tags report

    • Tag Details table - Time is counted for a tag if currently labeled with the tag.

  • Customer Satisfaction report

    • Contacts table - Attributed to the contact(s) involved in the conversation.

    • Accounts table - Attributed to the account(s) involved in the conversation.


  • Auto-replies do not count as a reply. 

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  • See this article for total reply time examples.