Front's rules library [legacy]

⚠️ This is a legacy feature. Front accounts created after May 2, 2023 use new templates listed here.


Front's rules engine allows you to automate your team’s workflows and increase your team's efficiency in Front. Looking to explore options for your team’s workflow, or do you have a rule in mind, but are unsure where to start? Front’s rules library provides a place where teams can discover templates and create rules in a few simple clicks.

See here for a full guide on rule conditions


Step 1

To navigate to the rules library, click the gear icon on the top right of Front and into the Company settings tab. Go to the Rules section and click Rule library


Step 2

Search the rules library, scroll down the list, or use the Categories filter to browse rules related to specific rule actions. 

 Step 3

Once you find a rule that fits your needs, simply click on the rule, and we’ll create a pre-filled rule for you.

Step 4

Add a name for your rule, and edit the rule to fit your team’s needs. You can also click More options to add additional When, If, and Then conditions to your rule.

 Step 5

Click Create rule to finish. To discard the rule draft, click Cancel.

Rule types in the library

The following categories of rules show as sections in the rules library.


Create a rule from scratch instead of using one of the template starters.


Archive conversations when they meet specific conditions.


Set up workflows that automatically assign conversations to teammates, and ensure that no message goes unreplied.


Extract specific text from messages or contacts and automatically add them as comments in your conversations.


Automatically move conversations across shared inboxes to organize your conversations, set up an escalation structure, and more.


Automatically share a conversation with a teammate, or group of teammates, to bring their attention to important conversations and increase visibility.


Send automated messages by setting up rules that send message templates to your customers, including CSAT surveys.


Create automations to track any SLA breaches, and warn your team about potential breaches. More information on SLAs in Front can be found here.

Smart rules

Available on our Scale plan or above, dynamically look up data from message content to build automated workflows based on conversational context. Learn more about smart rules here.


Categorize your conversations automatically with tags; based on elements such as the sender, recipient, keyword, or another tag.

Want more rule templates?

Over time, we'll be adding rules to our library based on feedback and usage from customers. Use our contact form to send us your suggestions and ideas!