How to clone a teammate's settings


When Front admins invite a new teammate, they are able to clone a subset of settings from an existing teammate. The selected settings and resources will be inherited by the newly invited teammate to give them a head start on setup.

With this template of settings from the existing teammate, admins can then quickly make specific changes to the teammate's settings, without needing to manually create each setting such as shared inbox access, signatures, message templates, and more. The feature is helpful for setting up a large number of users who have the same or similar preferences. 

How it works

What is cloned

In general, all shared inbox access and most individual settings are cloned from the existing teammate. You can select and unselect any category. 

The specific settings within each category that are/aren't cloned are:

Workspacesshared inboxes

All Workspaces and shared inboxes are cloned.


All personal preferences are cloned except:

  • Download location
  • Front links target
  • Default email client
  • Default channel - If the existing teammate has a default channel set to their individual email, then it will not be cloned

To clone custom field settings, go the Company tab, Teammates, then select the teammate you’d like to use as a template. Click Preferences, General, then select the custom fields in the Custom fields cloning preference.

Message templates

All individual message templates are cloned except:

  • Vacation responders


All individual signatures are cloned.


All notification settings are cloned except:

  • Any advanced notification references to individual inboxes. For instance, if an existing teammate has an advanced notification rule that refers to both an individual inbox and a shared inbox, the cloning will inherit the shared inbox and not the private inbox part of the rule.

What is not cloned

The categories that are not cloned, and thus, not listed in the cloning options, are: 

  • Individual inboxes 
  • Individual rules
  • Individual tags

Even though these categories are not cloned, admins can still manage individual inboxes and individual rules for the teammate on the teammates' settings page.

Things to note

A few helpful things to know about this feature:

  • If a teammate already exists and has settings, you cannot use the clone feature to override their settings. This feature is only for new teammates.
  • If an admin invites a new teammate by cloning at the Workspace level and not at the Company level, then the new teammate will only get access to inboxes within that one Workspace, even if the existing teammate being cloned from has access to other inboxes. For example, if existing Teammate A has access to Workspace 1 and Workspace 2, and the admin clones new Teammate B at the Workspace 1 level, then Teammate B will only have access to Workspace 1 and not Workspace 2. 
  • When you invite a new teammate by cloning at the Company level, the new teammate will inherit the roles of the existing teammate. You cannot edit the roles until the invite is sent. When you invite a new teammate by cloning from the Workspace level, you can choose to give the new teammate a different role from the existing teammate at the cloning step.


Step 1

Click the gear icon on the top right of Front and into the Company settings tab. Click into Teammates under the Company section or the specific Workspace you want to add the teammate to.

Step 2

Click Invite a teammate.

Step 3

Fill out the fields:

  • Enter emails: Enter the email addresses for the teammates you’d like to invite
  • Clone settings: Select the teammate you’d like to clone settings from
  • Set as admin: This setting is cloned from the selected teammate
  • Show in others’ sidebars: Select any existing teammates that need to see the new teammate in their sidebar

Step 4

By default, all categories are selected to clone from (see above section for the specifics of what is cloned in each category). Unselect any categories you do not want to clone.

Step 5

Click Next.

Step 6

You will be taken back to the teammate list. If you want to customize any non-cloned settings such as individual inboxes and rules for the teammate, click on the name of the teammate. Check through the categories at the top to ensure the settings are what you expect.

Use a teammate template to invite a new user

Teammate templates make setting up new users simple. You can use them when inviting a new user by following these steps.


You can clone a teammate when inviting a new user on any Front plan. Cloning a teammate using a template is only available on the Scale plan or above.