Teammate status colors - See who's online

Teammate status colors

Collaboration works best when you know if your teammates are available! In Front, you'll be able to see your teammates' status via a colored bubble next to their name. Here's what the colors mean:

💚 Green: One of their devices is currently connected to our push system and is able to receive real-time events.

🧡 Orange: None of their devices is connected to receive real-time events. i.e. No accounts are connected to the internet or a little while after you move to a non-Front app on mobile.

❤️ Red: They marked themselves as out of office.

Where to see teammate status

Teammates list

You can add a list of teammates to the bottom left of your Front dashboard, and see the colored status bubble of the teammate.

⚠️ This is a legacy feature. Front accounts created after Jan 26, 2023 use Views.


When you assign a conversation to a teammate, you will see what their status is, so that you can decide whether you want to move forward with the assignment, as well as have an expectation for response time from the teammate.


When you @mention a teammate in comments, you will see their status so that you know whether the teammate is available.