How to use @mentions in comments

Mention one teammate

You can mention someone using the @ symbol within the comments section of a conversation, and this person will receive an email notification and/or an in-app notification, depending on his or her notification settings.

Typing the @ symbol will show your top 10 most commonly mentioned teammates. As you type in their name, the suggestions list will adjust.

Mention a non-teammate

You can mention someone who does not share a team with you. Those users will be marked with the (not in team) text in the autosuggest menu.

Mention your whole team

You can mention everyone on your team using @all, and every teammate will receive this mention in their inbox and/or as a notification. Note that @all will only notify teammates with access to the inbox where that conversation lives. 

Mention a custom group

You can also create an @mention shortcut that will mention a specific group of people, using rules. For instance, this rule will allow you to use the mention @cx to notify the teammates listed below.

Mentions in private inboxes

Mentioning a specific teammate in a conversation from a private inbox will prompt a dialog offering you to invite said teammate to this conversation as a participant. This will not give your teammate's ability to read other conversations from your private inbox, or to send messages in your name.

Using @all in your private inbox will not mention anyone, unless:

  • This conversation previously had participants already. In that case, they will get notified by the @all mention.
  • Your inbox is delegated to teammates. In that case, they (and them only) will get notified by the @all mention.
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  • Hi there, what does the notification in the app look like? me and my colleague noticed that there is not really a popup, information window and when pressing "notifications" in top left, we do not see the comment in which we were mentioned. Thanks for the help!

  • Joep, this is what new notifications should look like. Are teammates @mentioning you?  


  • Hello

    With the latest update of Front - I am unable to locate Notifications for Mentions.

    Please advise.

  • Hi Cori Morris ,

    Besides the `@all` tag, is there also something like the `@participants` tag? This is sometimes useful when there are a lot of people in that specific conversation.

  • Hi @wouter there isn't an "@participants" tag. I went ahead and logged this as a feature request with our Product team. Thank you for your suggestion! 🙂

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