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Front Analytics has six built-in dashboards to help you understand the most important trends about your team. In addition to viewing the report dashboard, you can also export the raw data of the report to see more details and run further analyses with Excel or a business intelligence tool.

Types of CSV export

Messages export

The Messages export is organized by messages, with one line per message and its corresponding details across the columns. For a full list of all the fields included in this export, see here.

Full events export

The Full events export is organized by each activity that occurred and its corresponding details for the selected date range. For a full list of all the fields included in this export, see here.


Exporting a CSV of the report view is helpful if you want to run more analyses or review the raw analytics data, you can download CSVs of your data. Exports show more detailed data than the metrics shown in the dashboard.

Step 1

Click the 3 dots on the top right of the report view, and choose Export view data.

Step 2

Select your export type in the Export field and select your other desired options. Click Request export.

Step 3

At the bottom of the pop-up screen, you will see the prepared exports ready for you to download. Click the Download export arrow icon to save the export to your computer.

Chart and table exports

You can also export data from many of the individual charts and tables in your reports. The CSV will contain the same pre-calculated metrics that you see in the corresponding chart or table in your Analytics dashboard.

Click the export icon at the top right of a chart or table to download its data.


Do exports expire?

Yes. After 30 days, the exports you generated will be deleted from the exports list in the report so as to keep your data secure.

What if I export multiple inboxes?

If you export multiple inboxes, it is possible that some messages appear in several of these inboxes. In this case, they will be listed once per inbox.

What if I move, tag, or delete conversations?

If you modify a conversation, it will be reflected in the export as expected. Deleted conversations will be ignored if:

  • You receive a message and 1 hour later tag the conversation, the export will list the message as having the tag.
  • You move the conversation to a different inbox, the export will list the message as part of this new inbox.

However, after a conversation becomes inactive, the previous conversation segments stop being modified. For example:

  • A customer sends you a text message about a delivery issue.
  • You tag the conversation with #delivery and handle the problem.
  • Two weeks later, the same customer reports a billing issue.
  • You remove the #delivery tag and add the #billing tag.

If you then export both messages, the first one will still have #delivery, while the second will have #billing.

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