How to snooze conversations for later or follow-up


Ever wish you could hide a message in your inbox until later, or make a sent message reappear for follow-up? With snooze, you can set a time for conversations to reopen in your inbox exactly when you want them to. There are two ways to snooze a conversation:

  1. Snoozing the conversation using the clock icon at the top of the conversation.
  2. Snoozing the conversation using the quick action in your conversation list.
  3. Using the Send & Snooze button in your composer when you send a message.

How it works

When you snooze a conversation:

  • It moves to the Snoozed tab of the inbox, and will reappear in your Open tab at the exact time and date you want.
  • Snoozing from a shared inbox will snooze the conversation for all teammates, and snoozing from any tabs in the Me section of your sidebar will snooze the conversation for only you. To learn more, check out this article.
  • If a recipient replies before your snooze expires, the conversation will reopen in your inbox, and automatically cancel the snooze. You can re-set the same snooze with one click.

Snooze for later

Snooze a conversation if you want to handle it later. This is helpful if you need to return to this task in the future, but want to remove it from your inbox for the time being-- so that you can use your inbox as a true to do list.

To snooze a conversation, click the clock icon at the top of the conversation and choose from the list of times, or set a custom Day & Time. The clock icon will turn orange once the snooze is active.

You can also hover over the conversation in your conversation list to access the snooze quick action.

Send & Snooze for follow-up

Send & Snooze is one of the four sending options in the composer. Using Send & Snooze helps you remember to follow up on important messages, especially if you're waiting to hear back from a customer. Sending with Send & Snooze allows a conversation to reopen at a specific time, and helps bring visibility to the conversation, even if you don't receive a reply.

To Send & Snooze a specific message, click the dropdown arrow on your Send button to manually choose Send & Snooze. The message will send as soon as you click a snooze time.

You can also set Send & Snooze as your default send button. See here for more information.

Managing your snoozes

Custom snooze times

You can curate your snooze menu by creating custom snooze times. Click the gear icon on the top right of Front and into the Personal settings tab. Click into the Snoozes tab to customize your snooze times.

Click Add a snooze to add a new snooze timing to the list. You can also click on any of the existing snooze timings, and edit the name/timing.

Once you've saved your custom snooze time, it will appear in the list of snooze timing options whenever you snooze a conversation.

How to find snoozed conversations

To see snoozed messages, simply click the Snoozed tab at the top of any inbox or tag in your sidebar.

You can also use the Snoozed option in the search bar dropdown to locate snoozed conversations in the currently selected inbox, or in All inboxes. You are also able to use the search condition is:snoozed when searching your inboxes.

Cancel a snooze

To manually cancel a snooze after you’ve set it, simply click the active (orange) snooze clock icon and click Unsnooze. You can also hover over the conversation in your conversation list to access the unsnooze quick action.

Reset the snooze

If your recipient replies to a message before your snooze timer expires, the snooze will be canceled automatically. To reset the same snooze again, click the blue hyperlink Snooze again until… This will reset the same snooze with one click.

Location of snoozed conversations

The impacts of snoozing a conversation vary based on who snoozes the conversation, and where they snooze it from.

To learn more about what happens when you snooze a conversation from various locations, check out this article.

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  • It would be great to have an option that would keep the conversation open when a reminder is set.

  • Malcolm Felt If you set the reminder and click Send (instead of Send & Archive), then the conversation should remain open.

  • Cori Morris Yes, that should work for us anytime we send a reply to the customer. We also call customers and would like to use snooze button in the top message bar to set a reminder to call the customer again. For those reminders, it would be great to have the message stay open. Thanks again.

  • Malcolm Felt I will share this feedback with the team, however, the purpose of the snooze feature is to remove it from your list until you're ready to deal with it.

  • Would be great if we could set reminders after we've sent an email... because we could have forgotten to set the reminder before sending it off.

  • Allie Huang Hi there,

    You can snooze the email after you've sent it. Just click the clock up top.

  • Cori Morris Of course I missed that part that we would get notified sooner even when snoozed hah. Thank you Cori. I mistook "snooze" for 'turning off notifications until the time set' since that's usually how the term is used (I think?)

  • Is it possible to set a "sticky" reminder, i.e. a reminder that stays attached to a conversation even if the client replies?

    Today I emailed a client and set a reminder and got on with my work. The client replied with a quick "Thank you" email, and then I had to set the reminder again. Annoying at best, embarrassing at worst if had forgotten to re-set the reminder (or snooze it).

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  • Thomas Johnston Currently there's no way to do this, but we do hope to have this feature in the future.

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  • Suggestion:  Add a 'Next Monday at 9am' option similar to the 'Tomorrow at 9am' option. I suspect that like me, people often do that manually for things they want to start fresh on next week.

    • Kenji Hayward
    • Head of Customer Support
    • Kenji_Hayward
    • 4 yrs ago
    • Reported - view

    John Fabrega thanks for this suggestion, feel free to send our support team suggestions using our contact us page, thanks! I've went ahead and logged this with out team for you.

  • Cori Morris Can we add the ability to set a specific "Date and Time" preference for a custom snooze option under the "Snooze Timing: Optional" tab?

    i.e. Rather than just "in xxxx minutes" it could be an option like: "Custom Snooze for Wednesday @ 3pm"?

  • Kellan O'Connor Helena Li Since you are the one who more recently updated the feature list here.

    • Helena Liadmin
    • Support Program Manager
    • Helena_Li
    • 3 yrs ago
    • Reported - view

    Kellan O'Connor Hi Kellan! We don't have that feature (custom snooze date and time) currently, but I've logged it for the product team to review! 

  • Thanks for granting my wish on the 'Next Week' option!
    Next Wish: Add earlier times options to 'This Evening'

  • John Fabrega and Helena Li I will agree with this one! Let's just open up the times from 12pm - 11:59pm for "evening" and 12am to 11:59am for "morning". this should resolve a lot of needs. Thanks!

    • Helena Liadmin
    • Support Program Manager
    • Helena_Li
    • 3 yrs ago
    • Reported - view

    Kellan O'Connor Hi Kellan, I've noted this specific suggestion in our product request for this feature! 

  • Sorry if this is a repeat suggestion, didn't read previous comments... but a personal snooze would be cool. Sometimes conversations should remain in the team inbox, but I want to personally just check up on it at a later time, so if nothing happens between now and then, and I want it to pop back up, then I don't want the conversation to reopen for everyone

    • tk
    • sapphire_sky
    • 2 yrs ago
    • Reported - view

    neat future, but technically already available. we need send later and archive, please! even better, send later, archive, and also an option for snooze in one shot! 

  • tk Both requests are in our backlog of enhancements. We'll let you know when they become available!

  • I like the new send and snooze feature. If it could also have a little typing box so I could add an (optional) comment during that flow to remind me what to do when it wakes up (vs trying to remember to add a comment before Send/Snooze) it would be like Christmas.

    Although picking nits, within the Send and Snooze pop-up dialog having options to Send Now and Send and Archive along with the Snooze options would often save clicks.

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  • It was nice to have the snooze timer icon and functionality visible in the lower left of the email composer window without having to get into the Send dropdown and choose "Send & Snooze..."

    Don't suppose you can restore that Snooze button directly in the composer, in addition to having it via "Send & Snooze"?

    Thank you!

  • Hi Brandon McPeak!

    We made this change after hearing that the old snooze button was difficult to discover, and that power users of the old snooze button preferred a one-click feature since they used always send and snooze in two separate steps.

    Though the location of the snooze has changed, the flow is now better unified and should not create additional clicks for you. For instance, users who did not always use the snooze can keep their default sending button to Send & Archive, then use the dropdown to set a snooze when needed. For users who always use snooze, they can set the default sending button to be Send & Snooze and thus never forget to set a snooze. 

    We hope you can give this new flow a try, given the above context and resources on how it can be utilized, and let us know your feedback on whether it suits your use cases! We are always happy to receive our users' constructive feedback and keep improving Front.

  • Hi John Fabrega , 

    We do currently have a feature request for this in our backlog that I’ve added your vote to! Thanks for passing along your feedback!

  • Great! How do I go out and campaign for more votes! =)

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