Understanding comments


Use comments to collaborate internally with your teammates. Only your team can see posted comments, so you can discuss the conversation amongst yourselves without having to forward the message around. You can also get a specific teammate's attention using @mentions.

The cherry on top is that you can use emojis to react to comments!

How it works

Comments on a team inbox conversation are visible to anyone with access to the inbox. If you want to pull someone specific into the conversation, you can @mention anyone on your team to have them chime in on the conversation.

In your individual inbox, you can use comments to write notes for yourself about the conversation, which are only visible to you and anyone you may have delegated your inbox to. 

You can also use comments to collaborate on specific private conversations. Just @mention your teammate on it, and they’ll only get access to that one conversation. They can chat with you about it in comments, or even reply to it for you. Don’t worry about sharing something by mistake — Front will always prompt you to confirm you want to share a private conversation.


Step 1

Click into the Add a comment box at the bottom of any Front conversation.

Step 2

Type your comment. To attach files to your comment, click the + icon at the top right of the comment editor, or drag and drop your file.

Step 3

Press Enter on your keyboard to post your comment. Now anyone who has access to the inbox or was @mentioned in the comment will be able to see it.

Using comments

Mention teammates

When you need some help from a teammate, you can simply @mention them in a comment. Learn more about all the different ways to use @mentions here.

Edit and delete comments

Hover to the right of the comment to see the Edit and Delete options. You can also press the up arrow on your keyboard while active in the comment composer box to edit your comment. If you click Delete, you will be prompted to confirm whether you want to delete the comment.

Format comments

You can easily add formatting like bold, italics, quotes, and more to comments. Simply highlight the text in the comment you wish to reveal the editor. 

Note: You can still use Front's Markdown styling to format comments as well.

Expand comment bar

If you would like to expand the comment bar to have more space for typing, click the Expand icon at the top right of the comment editor, or use the Cmd/Ctrl + . keyboard shortcut.

Pin comments

Pin comments to highlight important comments for all teammates viewing the conversation. To pin a comment, hover over the comment and click the pin icon. To unpin a pinned comment, hover over the comment and click the unpin icon.

You will see a pin icon appear at the top of the conversation when there are pinned comments in the conversation. Clicking the pin will open the About this conversation details box and show all of the pinned comments in the conversation.

Reply to comments

To reply to a specific comment, hover on the comment and click the reply icon. The original comment will show in the comment box, and you can type your own comment to reply to it.

Conversation or message ID previews

Contextual comments

You can highlight text within the body of any message and write internal comments about the highlighted text.


Step 1

Highlight text in any message body, and the Comment option will appear.

Step 2

Click Comment, then write your internal comment. If you would like to highlight a message snippet, but don't need to add any additional comment of your own, you can post the comment without entering additional text.

Step 3

Hit Enter to post the comment.

How it works

  • After the contextual comment is posted, click the highlighted message body text to view the comment, and hover on the comment to see the option to jump down to the comment.
  • From the comment itself, hover over the quoted text and click Jump to message to view the highlight within the message body.
  • Multiple teammates can highlight and comment on text within the same snippet of a message. The message body will indicate when there are overlapping comments. Click any highlighted segment to preview the associated comment.

Mobile app

We do not yet support the ability to add a new contextual comment in the mobile app, or view highlighted text in a message body. However, in the mobile app you can view existing contextual comments, and long-press on the comment to jump to the relevant message.


How do I view my mentions?

You can become a subscriber of a conversation in several ways, one of which is if you are mentioned in a comment. When there is new activity on the conversation, such as new comments, you will see the conversation appear in your Shared with me section of your individual workspace. You can click there to view your @mentions and other conversations you follow.

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  • Is it possible to create a new conversation with an internal colleague without sending them an email (essentially starting a chat)? It seems that comments are only available once an email exists that you would like to comment on.

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  • yes that would be handy

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  • Duncan Roy, apologies for the delayed reply. But, I come with good news for you and Ram.

    We are working on something that we're calling a "comment-only conversation" where you can send chat-like conversations to teammates. We'll be experimenting with it next month. Stay tuned for updates!

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  • how do you mean delayed:-) asking for a function and then 💥it's there...

  • Ram, Duncan sent the message one month ago. I was apologizing to him 🙂

  •  Cori that's great to hear, thanks for the update

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  • I have seen Horizontal blue logo G in comments, may I know where I can register for that account? 

  • Best Photographer I'm not sure I understand. Can you clarify?

  • Is there any way to pin a comment to the bottom of an email. So if I put a comment in, it will stay at the bottom as I scroll through the email, rather than scrolling inside the email chain?


    I am also curious if the comment-only conversation is available to use?

  • Update: we've added a "formatting comments" section. Now you can easily add formatting like bold, italics, quotes, and more to comments with an improved comment editor!

  • Hi, did the "comment-only" feature ever get added? Is it possible to message a teammate without an email tied to it?

  • Hi  Zack Zarrilli , yes it did! See more information on comment-only discussions here: https://help.frontapp.com/t/x1bxb3/how-to-start-an-internal-discussion

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