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Front Analytics will show you not only the crucial metrics for how your team is performing, but it will also collect the conversations that were used to calculate the metrics you see. Many of the metrics you see will be clickable and will open the metric details, a pop-out from the right side of the screen that will display a list of all the conversations associated with the metric you've clicked on. You can then click on each conversation to view it or work with it. Read on to learn how it works.

How it works

Access the metrics details

Open to a report view and click on a metric you're interested in. Most metrics will have a metric details, which will pop out on the right side and display the list of conversations associated with the metric. If there are no metric details associated with the metric, then no side pop-out will appear.

The conversations in the metric details will show:

  • Inbox name
  • Archived/open status of the conversation
  • Subject line
  • Any highlighted tags on the conversation.

The screenshot below shows the metric details after clicking on the Tuesday bar in the Changes over time chart.

Open a conversation

Click on any conversation in the metric details to see a popup window of the conversation. From this popup, you can view the conversation as well as take action on it from the popup window such as reply, tag, assign, or move.

If you'd prefer to work with the conversation in the full Front interface, click the View in main window button on the top right of the popup. You will leave the Analytics interface and land in the full Front inbox dashboard showing this conversation.

See more conversations

The metric details show 10 conversations at a time, so you can use the arrow at the bottom to navigate to more conversations if there are more than 10.

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