Subscribing and unsubscribing from a conversation


When you're a participant in a conversation in Front, you have two options: to subscribe to the conversation, or to unsubscribe from it. You can think of this like "following" or "unfollowing" a thread on social media. 

If you're subscribed, you will see all new replies and comments in the conversation in your inbox. If you've unsubscribed, the conversation will archive and only pop up again in your inbox if you are @mentioned specifically. 


How to subscribe to a conversation

To subscribe to a conversation click the participants menu at the top right of the conversation, then click Subscribe next to your name. You will also subscribe to a conversation if you:

  • Are sent a conversation directly to your private email
  • Reply to a conversation when your settings are set to auto-subscribe on reply 
  • Comment on the conversation when your settings are set to auto-subscribe on comment
  • Are @mentioned in a conversation
  • Are notified by a rule
  • Are invited via the participants menu
  • Click the Subscribe option in the participants menu

Where are my subscribed conversations?

All conversations you're subscribed to will show up in your Shared with me section.  The conversation will automatically bump to the top if there is new activity within the subscribed conversation. More information on your Shared with me section can be found here.

Status in participants menu

As a subscriber to a conversation, you automatically become a participant in the conversation. This means if there is more than one person that is partaking in the conversation, your avatars will appear in the participants menu. Others will be able to tell when you have last read the message or if you have unsubscribed the conversation. 


How to unsubscribe from a conversation

If you want to stop getting updates on the conversation, you can unsubscribe from the conversation. Unsubscribing from the conversation will allow you to search for it in the future, but the conversation will not automatically bump in your Shared with me unless you have been directly @mentioned.

To unsubscribe from a conversation, click the participants menu above the message and select Unsubscribe. Whenever you manually unsubscribe from a conversation, it will also archive.

What happens when you unsubscribe?

Unsubscribe from conversations if you want to:

  • Silence activity on a conversation other than @mentions
  • Maintain access to a conversation without receiving notifications on the conversation

When you unsubscribe from a conversation:

  • New comments will not unarchive the conversation in your inbox
  • New inbound or outbound messages will not unarchive the conversation in your inbox


  • If you are the assignee, you cannot unsubscribe — you need to unassign or reassign
  • Others cannot unsubscribe from a conversation for you
  • Being @mentioned will unarchive the conversation for you, but not subscribe you.

Managing your auto-subscribe and auto-unsubscribe settings

You can determine when you want to subscribe or unsubscribe conversations automatically in your Preferences:

Subscribe on comment

If you would like to automatically have the conversation bumped in your Shared with me after you have commented, toggle the setting on.

Subscribe on reply

If you would like to automatically have the conversation bumped in your Shared with me after you have replied to a conversation, toggle the setting on.

Unsubscribe on unassign

If you would like to automatically unsubscribe and archive a conversation when you unassign a conversation from yourself, toggle the setting on. This will not archive the conversation in the team inbox. Note that this setting only applies when you manually unassign a conversation from yourself; not when a rule unassigns you from a conversation, in which case you will stay subscribed until you unsubscribe from it.

Unsubscribe on move from individual to team inbox

If you would like to automatically unsubscribe and archive a conversation when you move a conversation from your individual inbox to a team inbox, toggle the setting on. This setting also applies to move actions carried out by rules.

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    • Jason H
    • Jason_H
    • 5 yrs ago
    • Reported - view

    how can you see who is following an email?

  • Jason H Hi there,

    Click the "i" in the top right corner and you'll be able to see who is following a conversation. See screen shot below.


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    • Galen King
    • Founder & Creative Director of Lucid
    • galenking
    • 5 yrs ago
    • Reported - view

    If I archive a message in Following, will it archive for the person it's assigned to? What about if I mark it as read by viewing it?

  • Galen King Yes, it will archive for the person it's assigned to. It's best to unfollow the conversation if you don't want it in your Following folder. If you mark it as read, it will only be read for you, not for the person it's assigned to.

  • Cori Morris  OK. But I want an inbox zero. Let's say I receive a message in my personal inbox. I want to make it followed by a member of my team. I can do this. But I want to get rid of it in my inbox. If I archive it, it will archive it for my team member. Will he be able to access it though? Will he see it in its 'following' folder anyway? If not, should I leave it in my inbox folder forever?

  • Jerome Chouraqui Yes, your teammate will still have access to it even if it's archived, but it will be in the ALL tab of his following inbox. If you want him to reply to the email, you should assign it to him, instead of adding him as a follower.

  • Is this article still accurate? I just tried archiving a convo in my "following" folder, and it is not archiving for my coworkers. 

  • Katie Fang Hi there,

    To be completely transparent, you're on a newer version of Front where this article is not accurate. We are working on transitioning all Front customers to the version you are on, so some articles will be inaccurate for you. The "following" folder is now "your own" so you may do what you wish with it.

    Hope that clarifies why you're seeing this!

    • Paul Go
    • Paul_Go
    • 4 yrs ago
    • Reported - view

    Cori Morris Is there a way to adjust settings so that I don't follow conversations automatically? 

    • Urszula
    • Urszula
    • 4 yrs ago
    • Reported - view

    Paul Go You can always make sure to have the option "assign on first reply" turned of in the channel as well as the option "Auto-follow when commenting" turned off in your settings. This will reduce the amount of conversations you are following. However there is no specific way at the moment to turn following off completely. 

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