How to change your notification settings


Front's notification settings give you fined tuned controls over the alerts you receive for new activity in Front. You can choose from one of our default modes, or create custom notification rules for specific situations.

Front allows you to manage your desktop, mobile, and email notifications independently.


Basic notifications

Step 1

Click the gear icon on the top right of Front, go into the Personal settings tab, and select Notifications.

Step 2

Choose your basic notification modes (All notifications, Smart notifications, or No notifications) for desktop, email, and mobile.

Step 3

Click Save.

Advanced notifications

You can use Advanced notification rules to customize your notification settings further and trigger notifications for exactly what you need. If you use a lot of advanced notification rules, we recommended switching to No notifications for your basic modes and just building rules for the notifications you need.

Step 1

Click the gear icon on the top right of Front, go into the Personal settings tab, and select Notifications.

Step 2

In your notification settings, click Advanced.

Step 3

Click Add a notification rule.

Step 4

Enter the conditions for your notification rule.

If rules conflict, the more specific rule will override the more general rule. Advanced notification rules will override your basic notification mode. For example, if the conditions for a rule that says Don't notify mare met, there won’t be a notification — even if your basic All or Smart notification mode would normally notify you.

Step 5

Click Save.

How it works

Smart notifications

Smart notifications are our most popular defaults for new customers. If you select Smart notifications in your basic notification settings, here are the notifications you will receive:


Desktop notifications

Mobile notifications

Email notifications

New message is received in any team you have access to


New message is sent in any team inbox you have access to


You are assigned a conversation from any inbox

You are @mentioned on a comment in any inbox

A conversation you snoozed reopens


New message or comment in a conversation assigned to you


New message or comment in a conversation you follow


A sent message failed to be delivered from any inbox you have access to


You are notified by a rule in any inbox

Notification timing

  • Desktop notifications are sent immediately.
  • Mobile notifications are delayed by 20 seconds (and sent if the message has not been seen).
  • Email notifications are delayed by 30 seconds (and sent if the message has not been seen).

Sound notifications

Follow these instructions to turn on/off audio notifications for Front.

Browser notifications 

When using Front on your web browser, you'll see the Enable browser notifications button greyed out if you have notifications blocked in your browser settings.

To enable browser notifications for Front, you will need allow Front notifications in your browser settings. Once you have done this, reload the Front website. The Enable browser notification will no longer appear in your Front notification settings, and you will begin to receive Front notifications on your web browser.

For example, in Google Chrome, open Front on your web browser. Click on the lock icon 🔒  next to the URL and select Allow to enable Front notifications for your web browser. 

Windows notification duration

If you're using the Windows desktop app, follow the steps here to customize the duration of your Front desktop notifications.

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  • I followed these instructions and I still can't notifications on my phone for my text inbox for my twilio number, any suggestion?

  • Kyle Schanzer Hi there!

    Are you using an iPhone or Android? And do you have notifications enabled in your phone settings?

  • Android.  I'm accepting all notifications in my phone for front.  I get all notifications for emails.

  • Kyle Schanzer Can you try enabling the option A contact sends a new chat message in your notification settings? Let me know if that fixes the issue.

  • Cori Morris I changed it, but that didn't work.  I do get a notification on my desktop when i get an sms before i turned on the chat notification option. 

  • Kyle Schanzer Ok, we can try one more thing from our end. In order to do that, we will need your account information. Can you send us an email to get this  going?

  • Cori Morris

    Like 1
  • Is it possible to get incoming mail notifications on my phone while I'm marked as 'Out of Office'?

    I'm currently set up to receive notifications of any incoming emails to a specific Inbox.

    I will mark myself as 'Out of Office' at the end of my shift to ensure replies/follow-ups come through to the Unassigned view for maximum visibility.

    However this currently means I no longer receive the incoming notifications. I'd like to be able to keep an eye on this Inbox, while ensuring any of my open queries are dealt with by my teammates quickly.

  • Jem Wilkinson Hi there, do you have the 'Do Not Disturb' setting enabled? On mobile, go to Settings > Notifications and see if you have it enabled. If it is, you'll want to disable that.

  • Cori Morris I have never enabled this feature.

    I just checked, and it does not turn on by default when I mark myself 'Out of Office'.

  • Jem Wilkinson Ok. What notification are you not getting that you should be getting? I see that you have some notifications disabled on mobile.

  • Cori Morris In the first 'Helpdesk' Inbox, I have specific notifications set up to alert my Phone to any incoming email. Throughout the day, I am notified of any new emails to that Inbox, but once I sign out these are no longer received.

  • Jem Wilkinson, When you log out, you won't receive push notifications anymore.

  • Cori Morris My question is, is there no way to receive them once I log out?

    I would still like to receive notifications on my phone (like incoming mail, or @mentions), while allowing the conversations I'm dealing with to go through to 'unassigned' if they are updated.

    I guess what I'm trying to say is my reasons for 'logging out' are not necessarily the same as if I wanted to activate 'do not disturb'.

  • Jem Wilkinson  you should still be able to receive mobile notifications if you are logged out on your desktop. The specific setting you would want to look at for this would be "whenever a message is sent or received". You can always specify for which inboxes you want a notification for by toggling from "All Inboxes" in the notification settings. 

  • That might sound simple, but you guys should say where the "Settings" menu is...

    Took me a while to find out it was hidden under my profile avatar (didn't even know I could click on that)... 

    I kept trying to find the menu that said: "Settings"...

  • David Couillard Thanks for the feedback 😁

  • Any way of stopping the beeping?? Like the visual, but the Audio alert is a little annoying 

  • William Hearn Yes, you can turn this off sound notifications in your computer settings. 

  • Is there a way to change the notification sound? 

  • Hi Cindy 

    The notification sound is actually linked to your computer, so it's whatever sound options your computer has. Front doesn't have our own notification sound selection. 

  • Thank you

  • With the new setting for notifications, we cannot seem to get them to behave how they used to. We used to have it set up to only give us a desktop notification when a new ticket was sent into the group inbox. Now, we get a notification for every single new email and response. (So if I have a ticket assigned to myself and someone replies, we get a desktop notification. This never used to be the case.)


    How do we go about getting a desktop notification for only new tickets/emails into our group inbox but not for responses to any other ticket/email?

  • Hi Kim Spilker , the new notifications took your previous notifications and migrated them over, creating rules within the Advanced section if you had any settings that were not included in the Basic settings. If you click into your Settings > Notifications > Advanced, you will see all the active notification rules, and delete any that you see are not needed. If you still have questions, chat us via the app or email us at so we can look into your account and advise :)

  • I am getting notifications for everything even though my setting are clearly marked no notifications . It's driving me crazy.  Please stop ..........  turn it off 

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