Custom teammate fields


Front allows you to add custom fields for existing teammates to designate fields like Manager, Role, or Workspace. After the custom fields are set, they can then be used in Smart Rules to automate many of your workflows. They will also be available for use as custom variables in message templates and signatures.

You must be a Company Admin to create new custom fields. Users will need Workspace Admin access to update existing custom field data.

Create custom fields

Step 1

Click the gear icon on the top right of Front and into the Company settings tab, and select Custom Fields from the left sidebar menu.

Step 2

Click the Teammates tab, then click Add teammate custom field

Step 3

Enter a Name and Description for your custom field, then select a data Type. See this article to learn more about custom field data types.

Step 4

Click Create.

Manually enter custom field data

Step 1

Click the Teammates tab in your left sidebar menu, then select the teammate you’d like to enter data for.

Step 2

Click Custom fields, then fill in any of the custom fields for the teammate.

Import custom field data

'Bulk edit custom fields' can be found in the Teammates settings within the Workspace. Only workspace admins within the Workspace workspace will be able to access this functionality.


You can export a template containing your list of teammates and any existing custom teammate fields using the export instructions below.

File formatting

Column headings and naming conventions are critical for a successful import. The file may only contain the exact fields listed below, in any order:

Column heading

Teammate field

Example value




Include the login email address associated with the Front teammate.

name of your custom teammate field, ex: Manager

Custom fields

Depending on the type of custom field, this could be a string, number, boolean, date time, or teammate email

You can add columns for any of the custom teammate fields you’ve set up.


Here are the valid values that can be supplied for each type of custom field column:

Custom field type

Valid CSV values

Date and time

A date and time in ISO format. e.g. 2020-07-10 15:00:00.000 for July 10 at 3 pm


Provide the inbox ID (e.g. inb_12345), not the inbox name (e.g. Marketing Shared Inbox). The inbox ID can be obtained via the API or through the downloadable template.


A number


The login email address of a user within your company in Front (user names are not accepted)


Any text

Yes or no

Valid values include “True”, “False”, “Yes”, or “No” (case insensitive)

Important to know

  • The import will only update existing custom fields. This process will not create brand new custom fields, nor update default fields like teammate_login_email and teammate_display_name.
  • If you delete a row from the spreadsheet, then the corresponding teammate's data will not be modified. However, deleting a column will update the values for that custom field with blank data.
  • Extra columns and rows must be deleted, including blank columns and rows.
  • You can upload up to 3000 rows (not including headers) in a single upload.
  • Up to five upload jobs can be running simultaneously. For large batches of contacts, you can break up your job into five groups of 3000 at a time.


Import instructions

Step 1

Click the Teammates tab in your left sidebar menu, then Bulk edit custom fields.

Step 2

Click Choose file in the Bulk edit custom fields tab and select your file. You can also drag and drop your file from your computer into this section.

Step 3

Click Import CSV.

Export custom field data

Step 1

Click the Teammates tab in your left sidebar menu, then Bulk edit custom fields.

Step 2

Click Export custom field data to download a list of all teammates. The file will contain a list of all teammate email addresses and all existing custom teammate fields.