Recipient limits for each channel type


Front integrates with different types of channels, which have varying numbers of total recipients you can send to, depending on the nature of the channel.

Recipient limits are:

  • 100 recipients for email forwarding channels (Google Groups, Distribution Lists, Exchange On-Prem, SMTP Forwarding, etc.)

  • 100 recipients for Gmail channels. See Google's article here for more information.

  • 500 recipients for Office 365* channels

  • 1 recipient for WhatsApp, TwitterDM, Front Chat, Intercom, Sunshine Conversations (formerly Smooch)

  • 200 recipients for SMS

  • 100 recipients for custom channels

*Office 365 supports a scalable recipient limit from 1-1000 which is configurable in the Exchange Admin Center (see here). If you have a discrepancy between the configuration in your systems and Front's recipient limit, please contact us to see if the limit can be increased.

Alternative solutions

In cases where you’d like to send to a number of recipients above the limits of your channel, you have several options:

  • Send the email to a distribution list where hundreds of recipients can receive your message

  • Split your recipient list into smaller groups and send a separate message per group

  • If you are often mass sending marketing or promotional messages, we recommend checking out mail merge platforms that specialize in mass outbound marketing messaging