Custom roles and permissions


Admins can define user roles by using a customized set of permissions, like allowing certain users the ability to create rules or restricting them from responding to messages.

These are additional custom permission levels other than standard access, workspace admin, and company admin, that can be applied to users on your account or workspace.

Custom roles are defined at the workspace level. If you have multiple workspaces, roles created in workspace A will not be visible in the list of roles for workspace B.

When to use Roles & Permissions

Case 1

If your Operations team consists of roles like City Manager or Team Lead, you can set up roles with permissions between the default standard access and admin roles.

Case 2

You can restrict the ability to create tags to help enforce workflows and keep your setup clean. Use the Shared tags - create / edit / archive / delete permission.

Case 3

You can designate who can create and edit signatures and message templates to build consistent messaging for your support team. Use the Shared signatures - create / edit / delete and Shared message templates and folders - create / edit / delete permissions.

Case 4

When onboarding and training new teammates, you can grant them access to shared inboxes to collaborate internally such as on drafts, but limit their ability to send outbound messages until they are fully trained. Use the Messages - send permission.

Case 5

You can limit assignment responsibility to a manager, so agents can focus on the messages being assigned to them. Use the Conversations - assign permission.


These permissions will restrict the user from taking these actions on shared inboxes. For example, if you restrict tags, the user can't create shared tags but they can still create private tags. They will still have full access to their individual inbox rights. Below is a list of permissions.

  • Conversations

    • Messages - send (Note: this only restricts sending from shared channels, and any teammate can still send from their own personal channel)

    • Comment - send

    • Conversations - assign

    • Conversations - archive

    • Conversations - delete / mark as spam

    • Conversations - move

    • Conversations / messages - delete permanently

  • Inboxes

    • Shared inboxes - create / edit / delete / manage access

  • Contacts

    • Team contacts - block sender

  • Tags

    • Shared tags - create / edit / archive / delete

    • Apply / remove tags to conversations

  • Views

    • Shared views - create / edit / delete

  • Message templates

    • Shared message templates and folders - create / edit / delete

  • Signatures

    • Shared signatures - create / edit / delete

  • Analytics

    • Access analytics

    • Reports - create / edit / delete

  • Sequences

    • Access sequences

  • Teammates

    • Teammates - invite / manage

      • ⚠️ Granting the Teammates - invite / manage custom permission to a teammate will allow this teammate to invite new workspace admins, who could potentially edit the original user's role to workspace admin as well. Company admins are not impacted by this permission. Please use this permission with caution.

  • Rules

    • Rules - create / edit / delete

  • Roles & permissions

    • Roles - create / edit / delete

      • ⚠️ Granting the Roles & permissions - create / edit / delete custom permission to a teammate will allow this teammate to edit their own role to workspace admin. Company admins are not impacted by this permission. Please use this permission with caution.

Create a custom role

To create a custom role with custom permissions, follow this guide.

Helpful to know

  • All teammates have the ability to create drafts and share drafts.

  • All teammates can send from their personal channels, which are not restricted with these permissions settings.


This feature is available on the Scale plan or above. Some legacy plans may also have this feature.