Add an individual inbox


You likely started using Front to manage shared inboxes more effectively, such as your; and now you may find it convenient to add your individual inbox to Front as well. This way, you can check all of your emails in one place and work in Front full time.

Individual inboxes are not visible to teammates by default, but you can share conversations with teammates in a variety of ways, documented below. A teammate can have up to 10 individual inboxes on their Front account.


Step 1

Click the gear icon on the top right of Front and into the Personal settings tab. Select the Inboxes section, then click the Add an individual inbox button.

Step 2 

Fill out the name and description of your inbox. Click Create.

Step 3

Choose a channel type from the menu. The most common individual channel type is Email.

Step 4

Follow the steps on screen to complete setting up for the channel type you've chosen. We have specific setup guides for the different channel types in this section of our Help Center.

Step 5 

Click Finish to complete.

If this is your account’s first individual email channel, the email address will automatically be set as your default channel in personal preferences. If a channel was already selected as the default, it will not be overwritten. You can change manually change the default channel at any time.

Privacy and sharing

By default, emails arriving in your individual inbox will stay unshared unless you choose to share them with another team member.

Share specific messages

To share specific message from your individual inbox, you can take any of the following actions: 

  • Assign the message to another team member
  • Mention a team member in a comment on the message
  • Move the message to a shared inbox, which allow the people who can access that inbox to see the message
  • Create a personal rule to automatically notify other teammates of certain messages, and your teammate will get a copy of the email in their Shared with me section.

Share entire individual inbox

You can also share your entire individual inbox with a teammate if you'd like. Grant access by delegating your inbox to a teammate.

4 replies

    • Svetlana_Malakhova
    • 5 yrs ago
    • Reported - view

    I've shared an email with my teammate from my individual inbox, synced with the Gmail account. But when she tries to answer it, she gets an error that she can't compose from any channel. How can I grant an access to reply to such shared emails on my behalf?

    • front
    • 5 yrs ago
    • Reported - view

    Svetlana Malakhova Hi! Can you send us the Conversation ID for the message she's trying to reply to? Please send it to and we'll take a look. Thanks!

    • Ben
    • 5 yrs ago
    • Reported - view

    Hi Cori Morris . If I share an individual email, is there a way to cancel the share?

    • front
    • 5 yrs ago
    • Reported - view

    Ben Hi there, yes, you can. If you click the 3 dots at the top, and select Share, you can check/uncheck the teammate you're sharing the conversation with.