How to move conversations to another inbox


Moving a conversation is helpful when you want to pass a conversation on to another team. Unlike traditional email forwarding, moving conversations allow you to hand off a thread from one inbox to another to make sure your customer is helped by the best team possible. 

You can move your private conversation to a shared inbox, but you cannot move a a shared conversation into a private inbox.

Try the following two ways to move a conversation to another inbox in Front:

Drag-and-drop method

To drag and drop, click on the conversation you want to move and drag it to the appropriate team inbox.

When to use drag-and-drop: Use this method for the fastest and easiest way to move conversations to team inboxes you have access to. 

Search and select

When to use search and select: Use this method to move messages to inboxes you don't have access to, as they will show up in the search results.

Private conversations

To search and select an inbox to move the private conversation to, click "..." located at the top of the conversation and search for the appropriate team inbox.

Shared conversations

To search and select an inbox to move a shared conversation to, click the inbox name on the top right and choose or search for the destination inbox.


Can I move a shared conversation back to private?

Once a private conversation has been shared, there is no way to make it private again. If you are an admin, a workaround would be to create a shared empty inbox that only you have access to and move the conversation into it. Keep in mind that other admins will still be able to edit access to the empty inbox.

How do I reply if it moves to another Team?

You can reply with the original channel if you have access to the new inbox in the new Team as well as the original inbox from the old Team. If you do not have access to the original inbox, then you would be able to view the conversation in the new inbox but would not be able to use the original channel to reply; in which case, you would use another email channel to reply or start a new conversation with the recipient.

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  • Could we please have a "move all messages" feature PLEASE. I'd like to move all message with certain criteria (tags, to email etc...) to a different folder. 🙇

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  • Hi Allie Huang 

    Would this method work for you? You can search for the emails you want or click into the tag, and then mass-select by using the SHIFT or COMMAND (CTRL) keys. Once selected, click the "..." and "Move to" to place them all in a different folder. 

  • Helena Li It does but it doesn't, because there are thousands of conversations. And after moving them, it unassigns and opens them up.

    It was suggested to me that we ask our team members to just "retire" the folder by clicking the "eyeball" so it doesn't clutter their view, but still be able to see those conversations in a search. 

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  • Hi Allie Huang 

    Yes, that makes total sense. I've logged your feature request to be able to select all messages and move them. We'll send you an update when there is news on this request. Thanks for your feedback 🙂

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  • Helena Li Any news on this? We desperately need this feature too.

  • Jake DeGroot Hi Jake, this request won't be immediately available yet but it's on our roadmap and we're hoping to work on it later this year! 

  • Thanks for the update, Helena Li . I was able to figure out a pretty good workaround with rules.

  • Hi Jake DeGroot ,


    Would you be so kind to share this rule?  Also have thousands of messages I need moving!

  • Steve Shackley I'm sorry! I should have shared it here. I'm no longer using Front and don't remember it. 😥

  • Haha no problem, thanks for getting back to me Jake .

    Helena Li is there any chance some from Front could supply a rule that would move all archived messages from one folder to another?


    Many thanks,


  • Steve Shackley Hi Steve, rules are not retroactive, so they aren't able to work on historical conversations that you've already archived. However, moving forward, you could create a rule that will move your conversations upon archiving. The rule would say something like "When archived, if inbox ___, then move to inbox ___." This will catch the archived conversations moving forward, but the historical archived conversations will need to be moved using the "move channel" method or by bulk selecting and moving manually.

  • Still nothing on bulk inbox move?

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  • Auto-archive emails on "move"

    This very basic rule was helpful to me when moving a few thousand messages from one inbox to another.

    I still had to manually (cmd + select) thousands of emails, but at least I didn't have to go to the new inbox and archive all of them afterward.

    Hope this helps someone!

  • hello how do I move messages from my private mailbox to a team mailbox
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