Getting started with Front Calendar



Front Calendar makes scheduling meetings and managing your calendar from your inbox easy. It's enabled for your Front account by default!

Whether you're scheduling a new meeting or need to view your availability for a particular day, you can accomplish any calendar-oriented tasks without leaving Front.

Using Front Calendar

Manage your calendar in a full-screen view

The full-screen calendar view gives you the complete picture of a full week or month. You can also toggle multiple calendars to check a teammate’s availability and quickly schedule meetings with them. Front Calendar integrates with Zoom or Google Meet for videoconferencing.

To open full-screen, click the 🗓 calendar icon in the top left corner of Front.

Reminder notifications for upcoming events

Reminder notifications for upcoming calendar events help you stay on top of your schedule. You can customize the reminders that are sent for a specific calendar or calendar event.

Quickly view your availability for meeting invitations

With Front Calendar, you’ll see a preview of your calendar in meeting invitations to see whether you’re available or have a conflict. You can click the Yes, Maybe, and No buttons to RSVP to the invite and update your response status for email addresses connected to individual inboxes.

View contact information

You can view contact information right from Front Calendar! From the Event details of any calendar event, click on your contact's name from the guest list to view their contact details.

For more information about using this feature, check out this article.

Setting up your calendar

Adding calendars to Front

To add a calendar to Front, connect the Gmail or Office 365 email address associated with that calendar as a new individual email channel. During the authentication process, Front will request access to your Google or Office 365 calendar.

For more information on adding calendars to Front Calendar, check out this article.

View your calendar

To get started, select the calendar icon from the app switcher on the far right. If you haven't already, sign in with your Google or Office 365 account.

Note: At this time, it is not possible to sync with Exchange On-Premise solutions with Front Calendar.

Create and edit events

Click or drag anywhere on the calendar to begin scheduling an event. If you have an email open, the recipients will be suggested as attendees for the event. Set your preferred event details and then click Save. Front will automatically send calendar invitations to participants.

Note: If you are seeing a Google meeting link inserted unexpectedly, this is related to a setting on Google's side that you can adjust. See this Google article to learn more.

Setting a default calendar

If you have multiple individual email channels added to Front, you may have multiple calendars integrated. You can choose a default calendar by going to Settings > Personal > Preferences > Default Calendar > select a calendar > Save. Then, your calendar events will be scheduled on this calendar by default, but you can always edit the calendar when you are creating an actual event.

Setting a default conferencing option

If you'd like to automatically add a video conferencing option when creating an event, you can set this by going to Settings > Personal > Preferences > Default video conference > select a default > Save. You can always edit the option when you are creating the actual event.

Reply to calendar invites

When you receive calendar invites in your email, you will be able to manage them directly within Front without needing to open your Google Calendar or Outlook calendar. Front will show you the time, date, location, and attendees in a calendar invite widget above the corresponding invitation email.

You can click the Yes, Maybe, and No buttons to RSVP to the invite for email addresses connected to individual inboxes. And just like with any other Front conversation, you can also snooze, tag, assign, and more! You will also get notified by email if an event is updated or canceled.

Removing calendars

You can remove calendars from your view by hovering over the calendar in your sidebar, then clicking the X icon. You can always re-subscribe by using the Find people calendar search bar.


Are there contact suggestions when creating a meeting?

Yes. Contact recommendations in the calendar and in Front's composer pull directly from the shared and individual contacts you have access to. If you're new to Front, you may not have all of your contacts in Front yet. Learn how to import your contacts here.

Are Office 365 calendar groups supported?

No. Office 365 calendar groups currently do not sync to Front when you import your calendar. You will need to manually select the teammate calendars you want to view. 

Are Office 365 group calendars supported?

No. Office 365 group calendars do not sync to Front.

Can I add guests to an Office 365-created event?

No. You cannot add guests to an event that was originally created in Office 365. We recommend making any changes directly in your host calendar service.

Can I forward invites?

No. Front does not support Office 365's invite forwarding or have an invite forwarding feature at this time. If needed, you can do this from the Office 365 web app. You could manually re-create the event in Front Calendar, but take note that guests will still not be able to add additional guests unless they created the event.