Manage inbox access with teammate groups



When you give a teammate group access to an inbox, every member of that group will be able to view the inbox and its contents. Group members can have access to additional inboxes granted to them via another teammate group they are in, or granted to them as an individual.

You must be a Front company admin to edit the inboxes a teammate group has access to.


Step 1

Click the gear icon on the top right of Front and into the Company settings tab.

Step 2

Click Teammate groups in the left menu, then select the teammate group you would like to grant inbox access to.

Step 3

Click the Access tab at the top.

Step 4 (if you have multiple workspaces)

If you don't have multiple workspaces, skip to Step 5.

If you have multiple workspaces in your Front instance, select the workspace containing the inboxes you want to grant access to from Company workspaces menu on the left.

Click Enable access to give the teammate group access to the workspace. See the section below for more information on granting workspace access with teammate groups.

Step 5

In the Access column, toggle the inboxes you would like all teammates in the group to have access to. Public inbox access is automatically granted.

Step 6

Click Update teammate group when finished.

Granting workspace access with teammate groups

Multiple workspaces: Once a teammate group has been granted access to a workspace (as described in Step 4 in the instructions above), you will see an Enabled label next to the workspace name.

When a teammate group is given access to a workspace, the members of the teammate group now have access to all public inboxes in that workspace.

The roles and permissions for each member of the teammate group are determined as follows:

  • If the teammate has been granted access to the workspace as an individual (i.e. directly from that teammate’s profile) then the role selected for them individually will determine their permissions.

  • Otherwise, the teammate will have member permissions, as described here.

If you wish to give all members of a teammate group access to a workspace with a different role (an admin role or a custom role), then you will have to assign the role to each teammate individually.


Why are some inboxes marked Public in the Access column?

Public indicates that the inbox has been configured as public, meaning that all teammates with access to the workspace also have access to the inbox by default. See this article for more information on public inboxes.

I gave a teammate access to an inbox via a teammate group. Why doesn’t it appear in their sidebar?

When you assign inbox access to a teammate group, the inboxes will not be displayed on the users’ sidebars by default- they must choose which inboxes they want to be displayed in their sidebar.

Regardless of whether it is visible in their sidebar, the users have full access to the inbox and the conversations inside. This keeps sidebars clean and clutter-free.


This feature is available on all plans.