Front's mobile app


Stay up to date and communicate with your team, even when you don’t have your computer handy. Use the Front mobile app to respond to your customers, collaborate with your team, and work happier!

  • To download the iOS app, visit this link, or go to the App Store.

  • To download the Android app, visit this link, or go to the Google Play store.


If you open the navigation panel, you’ll see a gear icon for Settings at the top right. From there, you can set:

  • 🔕  Out of office: All notifications will be turned off, and new messages assigned to you will be unassigned.

  • Notifications:

    • 🌙  Do not disturb notifications: Enable or disable notifications

    • ⏰  Schedule: Enable or disable push notifications between a certain time range, daily

    • 📅  Calendar: Enable or disable calendar event notifications

  • 🕓  Time formatting: Choose between relative time (e.g. 2d, 2h) or absolute time (Jun 1, 10:30 AM). You can also enable 24-Hour Time.

  • 🌴  Time off: Create and adjust your time off in the mobile app. You'll need to add an individual inbox in Front in order to use this feature. This setting can be also adjusted on Front's desktop app and web browser. 

  • 3️⃣  Badge counter: Enable or disable the app icon badge counter. You can also choose if you want your inbox counter to reflect My Inbox, or all items in the team section of your sidebar.

  • Swipe actions: Assign one of the following actions to your left and right swipes on conversations- None, Archive, Trash, Mute, Read, Snooze, Star.

  • ✉️  Quick reply composer: The quick reply composer is a half-screen modal that is shown by default when replying to a message. It optimizes for short, text-only replies. If you’d like the full screen composer to be presented every time you reply to a message, turn this off.

Push notifications

To choose which push notifications you want to receive on your mobile device, you need to use either the Front desktop or web app.

From there, click the gear icon at the top right → Personal Settings → Notifications. You can set Basic Notifications by selecting either All, Smart, or None under the Mobile section. You can also set Advanced Notifications for your mobile app. Visit Notification Settings for more information. 

The mobile app offers push notification quick actions. You are able to Comment, Mark as Read, or Archive from your push notifications, so you can easily triage your Inbox while you’re on the go.

Mobile vs. desktop app

The mobile app is meant to enable you to read and triage your inbox while you’re on the go. It focuses on workflows that help you to be responsive and productive from your mobile device.

The mobile app does not support some advanced features that the desktop app supports, including but not limited to:

  • Onboarding for new users

  • Full set of personal settings

  • Settings for message templates, signatures, inboxes, or rules

  • Analytics

  • Sequences

  • Full contact manager

  • Changing the default send button

  • Edit/rename/delete/archive private and shared tags

Send button

Full screen composer: When you press Send, you'll see the following send options: Send, Send & Archive, Send Later, or Send & Snooze

Quick reply composer: When you press Send, it will use the default send option set in your preferences. To change your default send button, update your preference in Front's desktop app or web browser by following the steps here.


For new messages or replies, you can tap on the paperclip icon in the keyboard toolbar. For comments, you can tap on the plus (+) icon on the left side of the comment bar.


  • Open the navigation panel, then tap Discussions

  • Access your discussions from the following views: Open, Archived, Snoozed, Trash

  • Start a new discussion using the pencil icon at the bottom right


To add, remove, or view all tags, you can open the Tags view by either:

  • View tags: To view tags in a conversation, tap on any tags listed underneath the Subject of a conversation

  • Add tags: Tap on the three-dot menu in the toolbar (top right corner) within a conversation and select 🏷 Tags. Search and click on the tag name to apply the tag to that conversation.

  • Remove tags: Uncheck the tag under the "added tags" section

At this time, you cannot edit tags on Front's mobile app.

Sort conversations

 Use the sort icon next to your inbox filters to choose the order your conversations are listed.

Multi-select conversations

Long press on any conversation, then select multiple conversations to take action on. The main multi-select actions are Archive and Snooze.

More actions are available by clicking the three-dot menu next to the Snooze icon: Delete, Star, Unsubscribe, Assign, Move to, Tags, Mark as read/unread, Spam, Merge.

Multi-select inbox filters

Long press any of the conversation status filters (Open, Archived, Snoozed, etc.) in an inbox to view conversations from more than one filter in a single list.

View participant status

  • Tap the profile icons for the participants above the subject in a conversation.

  • Names and read status will be listed for all participants.

  • Users that have not read the conversation will be grayed out.

Calendar features

Available on version 5.25.0 or above:

  • Tap the calendar icon at the top right of the inbox to view your calendar directly from the Front mobile app

  • Choose a single-day view or a 3-day view

  • See event details, update your RSVP, email guests

  • Scroll left and right between days

  • View month to navigate

  • Pinch/expand to see more or less of each day

  • Pick which calendars to display

  • Enable/disable reminder notifications in mobile app settings

Share to Front from third-party apps

Tap the share button from any app to see the Front app logo in the selector pane. See the videos below for examples.



Set Front as your default email client (iOS only)

Front will automatically open a new draft when you tap on an email address.

To enable this on your iOS device, go to your Settings app, then select the Front app. Select Default Mail App, then select Front.

How it works

Step 1

Tap on an email address on your iOS device (this could be on your mobile app web browser, such as Safari).

Step 2

You'll see a prompt asking to open in Front. Tap Open.

Step 3

Front will automatically open a new draft when you tap on an email address.

Note: Apps can sometimes override your default email app behavior (for example, tapping email addresses in Chrome will open the Gmail composer).

This feature works best on iOS 14.2 and above.


Error when logging in via Sign in with Google/Office 365 or SSO on Android

If you have a work profile set up on your Android device, install your web browser app using the same work profile you used to install the Front app, then log in again. You'll know it's installed correctly if you see a briefcase icon at the bottom right. 

Android has a security feature where apps installed in a profile can only launch other apps installed in the same profile.