How to undo send


You can stop a message from being sent. Front will hold your message for a selected amount of time before sending it. You can enable the undo send option on every type of channel. By default, undo send is enabled on email channels and disabled on all other channels (Twitter, SMS, etc).

Because shared inbox settings can only be accessed by admins, the time they select will apply when any non-admin sends a message from that channel.

Users without admin permissions can still change this setting for their individual inbox.


Step 1

Click the gear icon on the top right of Front and select company, workspace, or personal settings in the left sidebar, depending on the space you’re working with.

Step 2

Click Channels in the left menu, and select the channel you'd like to edit. 

Step 3

Click the Settings tab, then navigate to the Undo send timing setting. Select the amount of time Front will hold your message before sending it.

Step 4

Click Save to finish.

Step 5

After the setting is enabled, you will be offered the option to cancel after you send each message by pressing Undo.

After the status bar disappears, it is no longer possible to cancel the sending of that message nor is it possible to recall the email.