How to change the From or Send As address for a channel


Front allows you to receive emails in one email address, and send as a different From address if you need to, such as using an alias. You can set one different Send As address for each Gmail sync or SMTP email channel you add to Front, as long as you own the sending address and can validate it.

When you change the Send As, you will be replacing the ability to send from the original address, so you will not be able to send from the original address in Front anymore. If you need to send from the original address, then you should not use this process but simply add a new channel instead.


Step 1

Click the gear icon on the top right of Front and into the Company or Personal settings tab, depending on which space you are working with. Admins can also access user settings by following these steps.

Step 2

Click on Inboxes on the left menu and click into the inbox you want to edit.

Step 3

Click on the Channels section of the inbox and expand the channel settings for the channel you want to change.

Step 4

Click the Edit button next to the email address.

Step 5

In the pop-up window, fill in the new Send As address and click Change address. A confirmation window will appear to tell you that we have sent an email to your new address. Click Ok.

Step 6

Navigate to your email inbox for this new Send As address, open the validation email, and click Confirm email address

Step 7 (for Gmail channels)

For Gmail addresses, you'll want to enable the Always send from a different address setting for the Gmail alias. Gmail has a great guide explaining the steps that need to be taken here.

While we support receiving email from multiple aliases, we can only send From one address per Gmail login.

Office 365 channels

Unfortunately, this feature is not possible for Office 365 channels, as the sending and receiving channel must be the same, so you will need to change out the full channel as outlined here or add a new channel to send from, if you need to send from an additional email address.

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    • Community Manager
    • Joyce_Lee
    • 6 yrs ago
    • Reported - view

    Is there a way to have more than one "from address" for a single channel? We have several email addresses which are set up on GSuites as aliases of our support@ email. Adding them as a separate channel will make a single incoming email appear twice.

    • front
    • 6 yrs ago
    • Reported - view

    Hi Joyce,

    There's no way to have more than one per channel. You can add them as a channel. It shouldn't result in them appearing twice.

    • Jerome_Chouraqui
    • 5 yrs ago
    • Reported - view

    Cori Morris I have a real problem.

    I use several "from" email addresses. They are configured as aliases that forward to a single gmail address. I would like to be able to send from these various aliases. 

    If I try your solution (to create channels), which could be good, I need to connect them to another gmail address so it won't work! This is not the way you imagined it. 

    So how can I write from and when they all go to a single gmail address from front?

    In Gmail, or in Apple Mail, this setup is rather easy. I can show different identities and have everything in one inbox... but not in Front which is obviously strange.

    • front
    • 5 yrs ago
    • Reported - view

    Jerome Chouraqui You should set each of these aliases up as Google Groups.

    • Paul_Go
    • 4 yrs ago
    • Reported - view

    In the foreseeable future is Front going to add the option to have more than one "from address" in a single channel? 

    • front
    • 4 yrs ago
    • Reported - view

    Paul Go Hi there,

    This isn't on our roadmap. We see the inbox as the accumulation of all of your channels which provides the same functionality as what you're wishing to do here. You can add multiple channels to a single inbox, and send from any of those channels.

    • Paul_Go
    • 4 yrs ago
    • Reported - view

    I found a workaround, at least one that works for my organization, to not have to switch the current aliases to groups, but still add the aliases to Front. We use G Suite so I'm not sure if there is a way to do this with any other providers. 

    I used the web version of Front so I was able to have 2 instances of Front open to make it easier. One tab had the Front Inbox and the other tab was Settings. In a 3rd tab I logged into the gmail account the aliases I wanted to add are associated with. On the right hand side there is a Settings Cog, when clicked the drop down will provide an options of "Settings" which is where you'll need to be. Once Settings loads, click on the "Forwarding and POP/IMAP" tab.

    In the Front Settings tab, click on "Inboxes" and then "Add a team inbox". I followed the roadmap for adding a google group to Front even though it is an alias I was adding.

    When Front provided the forwarding address copy it to your clipboard. Move back to the gmail account settings tab and "Add a forwarding address". Paste the Front email address and click Next. A pop up will display asking if you want to proceed, which you do. From there, gmail will send a confirmation code to the Front email address (which should already have a folder in the Front tab with the Inbox loaded. Copy and paste the verification code from the Front inbox to the gmail account settings and click verify. Now that you've verified the Front email address in gmail, create a Filter. There should be a Tip from Google that links you to "creating a filter". 

    Type the alias email address you are adding to Front in the "To" field of the filter creation and click "Create filter". On the next screen click the checkbox for "Forward it to" and select the Front email address from the "Choose an address" drop down. Then click "Create filter".

    Go back to your Front Settings Tab where you copied the Front email address from and click "Send test email". Now the email address is validated in Front's system and you have the alias as a usable "From" email. 

    Since the Alias email appear in my gmail account as if they were sent to the account email, there is no need for the filter to remain in play so you can now delete the filter you just created and remove the forwarding email address from the gmail account settings (I did both of these so I'm not sure what would happen if you elect to not remove the filter and forwarding address from the gmail account). 

    You can now move the Channel created for the alias to the Inbox of the Synced Gmail channel to give you access to it when responding to emails.