How to change the display name (Sender info) next to your email address


When you send an email, the display name that appears next to your email address is called the Sender info. In Front, Sender info is tied to the signature that you use when sending an email. It can be changed in your signature settings at any time.


Step 1

Click the gear icon on the top right of Front and into the Company or Personal settings tab. Select Signatures.

Step 2

Select an existing signature, or click Add a signature.

Step 3

Enter your display name in the Sender info section, and click Save when finished.

How it works

This is how a name and email address appear when the Sender info is empty: <>

This is how a name and email address appear when the Sender info is "Bruce Wayne":

Bruce Wayne <>

Note: Sender info is currently not supported for emails sent by auto-reply rules. Unless the recipient already has a contact record for your email address, they will just see the sending address, i.e., in the From: header of the email.


Can I customize the sender info for Office 365 channels?

The only case where an email's display name is not customizable is when sending from an Office 365 sync channel. Microsoft enforces the use of any inbox's set name when sending outbound messages, so the display name set in Office 365 will override the Sender info of the Front signature used when sending the email.

Can I set different display names for different email addresses?

Yes, you can do so by setting up different default signatures for different channels, by following the steps here.

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    • Ben.1
    • 4 yrs ago
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    Fyi, this page could use a little clarification.  You should only enter the Display Name ("Bruce Wayne") in the Sender Info box (NOT "Bruce Wayne <>").

    Anywho, thanks for this post as it helped me to figure out how to get the correct name displayed on outgoing emails.