Closed workload

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Term name Closed workload

Track workload that has been completed.


Example use case: See all conversations where attention is no longer required, by looking at conversations that were archived or moved out of the inbox each day.

Definition Count of conversation segments that were moved out of inboxes, archived, snoozed during the time period shown.
Location & attribution
  • Closed workload is measured independently for each time period shown in the What Happened graph. Therefore, although they share the same definition, the total Closed workload in What Happened may not match Closed workload in Conversation Flows.
  • For example, if you are analyzing last week’s data, and a conversation is new on Monday, closed on Tuesday, reopened on Wednesday, and closed again on Thursday, it would appear once as Closed in Conversation Flows, but twice as Closed workload in the What Happened chart. 
  • When a teammate filter is applied to the Conversations report, conversations will be counted if the teammate took any action (sent a message, commented, etc.) over the course of the conversation. 
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