Custom account fields


Front allows you to add additional custom fields to accounts; such as Revenue, Account Manager, or Account Tier. These account custom fields will then be shown to users in Contact Details and available within rules.


Step 1 

In Front, go to Settings by clicking the gear icon on the top right of the navigation bar.

Step 2

Select Custom Fields in the left sidebar.

Step 3

Select the Accounts tab to manage custom fields for accounts.

Step 4

Click Add account custom field.

Step 5

Add a name, description, and type for your custom field. Here are a few examples of supported field types:

  • String: a text field such as Account Tier or Location
  • Number: a numerical value for fields such as Revenue
  • Boolean: Yes or No filters for fields such as Is Paying or Churn Risk
  • Date and time: a date and time for fields such as Deal Closed or Renewal Date
  • Teammate: links to a Front teammate; the value should be the email address of this Front teammate, useful for adding the teammates that should be involved with this account such as Customer Success Manager, Account Manager, and Project Manager

Note that custom fields names are case-sensitive, so a field named Revenue would be distinct from a field named revenue. The capitalization you use in your custom field names must match the capitalization you use when importing accounts with a CSV or through the API.

Step 6

After you’ve set up your new custom field, click Create.

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