How Front merges your duplicates


Front wants to help your team reduce your workload and be more efficient. One of the main challenges we face in our inboxes is that we often get the same email sent to several different addresses, resulting in duplicate copies that require more time spent handling them, so Front has built several features that will reduce duplication of your emails by seamlessly merging them.

Front's merge features

1. Shared inboxes merge duplicates by default

Front will merge emails that are sent to multiple shared inboxes within the same Workspace, to reduce the number of duplicates and the amount of work your team has to do. Learn more about the default shared inbox merge feature here.

2. Smart merge reduces duplicate emails

When certain actions and events happen in your emails, Front will smart merge the copies into one copy when it detects it's safe to do so. This helps keep all the context in one place so that you're not searching through duplicate copies of the same email for different notes. Learn more about the smart merge features here.

3. Manually merge your messages

There will inevitably be times when you get separate conversations from a customer about the same time, in which case you can manually merge them in Front so that there is just one thread to work off of. Manual merging is possible with emails and Tweets. Learn more about how it works, when it doesn't work, and how to do it in Front.