Coming from Outlook?


As you start working in Front, you'll see some new terms that correspond with features you're familiar with in Outlook. See the list below to get started.

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Front terminology

Outlook Front

Folders / Categories


Use tags to track certain topics, sort messages and report on trends in analytics. Tags can also be used as private folders to file your messages into.

See this article to learn more about using tags.


Highlighting Tags

Highlight conversations by using tags in the conversation panel. By customizing your tags with an eye-catching color or a favorite emoji, you'll be able to easily identify which conversations to work on first and act on them with more efficiency.

See this article to learn more about highlighting tags.

Read / unread

Open / Archive

Instead of marking actionable messages as "unread", keep them in your inbox until the action is complete. Once complete, archive the conversation or to boomerang it back to your inbox later, click the clock at the top to snooze.

See this article to learn more about read vs. unread, and this article to learn more about snoozing messages.

Recall a message

Undo Send

After you send a message, Front will hold it for a selected period of time before officially sending it. This gives you the opportunity to stop the sending the message if needed. Each user can enable the undo send option and select the time period in settings on each channel.

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Archiving in Front is a way to clear our your inbox. Archived emails are available in the Archived tab, or use advanced search to find an archived conversation.

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