Satisfaction score (%)

Term name Satisfaction score (%)
Purpose Track the overall satisfaction of your customers with your product or service.

For more information, refer to the CSAT guide
Definition Percent of survey responses in the period that received a 4 or 5-star rating
Location & attribution
  • Team Performance report
    • Team Performance table - Scores are averaged by teammate in the period. A score is counted for the teammate whose signature was clicked (for signature responses) or who was the last sender of a message prior to the survey rating (for auto-reply responses)
  • Customer Satisfaction report
    • Customer Satisfaction
    • Survey comments - Three most recent ratings within the period selected are provided
    • Changes Over Time - A score is counted on the the day it is submitted
    • Contacts table - Attributed to the contact(s) involved in the conversation.
    • Accounts table - Attributed to the account(s) involved in the conversation.
FAQ For more information, refer to the CSAT guide