Conversation list filters


Use the Filter feature at the top of an inbox’s conversation list to focus on conversations one topic at a time, based on a specific tag or assignee. Your personal filter will stay applied until manually cleared to help you quickly hone in and prioritize your work.

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How it works

Add a filter

To add a filter, click on an inbox in your sidebar, then click the Filter option at the top of the conversation list. Select a tag or assignee to focus on.

Once you select a tag or assignee, your conversation list will only show conversations matching your filter selection. 

Filter indicators will be visible in both the conversation list and the inbox in your sidebar. You can have different filters selected per inbox.

Clear a filter

Filters will stay applied until you manually clear them. To remove a filter, click the Filtered option at the top of the conversation list, then click Clear.


Where can I use conversation list filters?

Conversation list filters can be used in the following inbox sections:

  • Top-level Inbox tab in the Me section
  • Assigned to me
  • Shared with me
  • Discussions
  • Individual inboxes
  • Shared inboxes

Unsupported inbox sections:

  • Starred
  • Drafts
  • Sent
  • Pinned tags
  • Delegated inboxes

Can I select more than one filter option?

No. Only a single filter option can be selected. e.g. You cannot select both the SLA breach tag AND an assignee.

Can I select myself as the assignee in my sidebar’s Me section?

No. You cannot select yourself as the assignee in the top-level Inbox tab, Assigned to me, Shared with me, Discussions, or individual inboxes. The Assigned to me section already filters all conversations assigned to you.