Is Front a ticketing platform or service desk?



Front is an inbox management tool that can serve multiple use cases, a ticketing system being one of them.

With Front you can easily reduce response times, increase and measure agent productivity, and efficiently staff your team. In addition, we help you provide customer support with a personal touch. Say goodbye to those robotic, impersonal auto responses and ticket numbers. With Front, your customers will immediately feel they are reaching out to another human being.

Front features

Here are some of the many Front features that will help you deliver great customer service:

  • Bring all of your conversations into Front, no matter if they happen on email, Facebook, Twitter, SMS, or phone.

  • Assign support requests to yourself or teammates, to clearly indicate who should take action.

  • Create rules to automatically route support requests to the right agent.

  • Keep the conversation in one support request by adding comments. This lets you collaborate with teammates to find answers before you respond to the customer.

  • Create message templates to respond to common questions in a few clicks.

  • Keep track of your team's performance with our detailed Analytics. They include performance metrics such as first reply time, average reply time, and handle times.

  • Staff accordingly based on area of expertise by creating and assigning tags to your support requests.