Installing Front Chat on a site


The steps you need to take to install Front Chat on your site can vary from our regular instructions in some cases. One instance of this is when you build you site using , as Wix impose some restrictions on how you can use services like Front Chat. This guide should help you navigate those restrictions, and get Front Chat installed on your site.

Note: You will need to have a Wix site with a connected domain in order to install Front Chat on a Wix site.


Create a Front Chat Inbox

Start by following these steps to create a new Front Chat channel and inbox. 

Add the Front Chat snippet to your Wix site

Step 1

Log in to your Wix account, and navigate to the Sites Dashboard View.

Step 2

Click Manage & Edit site, and click Tracking & Analytics from the left panel.

Step 3

Select New Tool, then select Custom.

Step 4

Here you should be able to enter the Front Chat code snippet that is listed in your Front Chat channel settings in Front. Paste this in the Paste the code snippet here field.

Step 5

You'll then need to name the code snippet (e.g. "Front Chat").

Step 6

In the Add Code to Pages section, you can choose whether you want the Chat widget to appear on every page on your site, or just a select few.

Step 7

In the Place Code in section, select Body-end.

Step 8

Finally, you should be able to click Apply and publish your site to see Front Chat render on your site