Does Front support POP3?


POP3 (Post Office Protocol) is an older email protocol introduced in the 1980s to allow mail clients to fetch emails from a mail server. 

Does Front support the POP3 protocol?

No. While POP3 is commonly supported by mail clients and servers, we chose not to implement support in favor of the options listed below.

What can I use instead?

You have plenty of options!

If you need to configure a simple one-way sync to forward new mail received by your mail server into Front, you can set up mail redirection using an SMTP forwarding channel. You can optionally configure a custom SMTP server for this channel to instruct Front to send outbound mail via your own mail server.

If you need to configure a two-way sync to ensure outbound messages and conversation updates in Front are also synced back to your mail server, you can add your Gmail or Office 365 account via OAuth.