Working with support at Front



When working with the Support team at Front, you may be asked for a few common pieces of information to help our team find answers for you faster. Send this information to us through our contact form!


Conversation ID

The conversation ID is helpful in most cases - it helps us look up that conversation in our admin tools, and check associated information. For privacy purposes, we are not able to access any information in your account without an ID provided. You will need to click on the three-dot menu at the top of the conversation and copy the conversation ID:

Message ID

A message ID is helpful when you are experiencing issues with a specific message. It is particularly useful when you are working with a long conversation thread containing many messages. You can access a message ID by clicking the three-dot menu in the top right corner of a specific message:

Inboxes and channels

Your Support representative may request the name of the inbox or channel you require assistance with. This will help them quickly identify any problems caused by permissions, or issues with the channel itself.

Teammate name or email address

When reporting issues that are specific to one Teammate, let us know the name or login email address for that Teammate. 


You may have rules that are not working as intended, in which case our Support team can help troubleshoot. When you reach out, please include the name of the rule as well as a conversation ID or message ID where the rule did not work as intended. If you don't submit this information, our Support team will likely request it from you. This will help us quickly identify why the criteria of a rule may have not been met and whether or not there are any conflicts in the rule.


If your activity does not appear to be reflected properly in analytics, our Support team may request a full events export for the timeframe in which the activity occurred. The full events export captures 12 types of activity within Front and up to 39 fields of data about each activity. This provides us with critical information to investigate and resolve issues. 


If you're experiencing unexpected behavior or receiving error messages, sharing screenshots or screencasts of the issue in action is very helpful! It can help clearly describe the issue you are experiencing to your Support Agent, and often help them quickly identify the cause of the issue.

First time's the charm

At Front, we pride ourselves in our efficiency without sacrificing quality, so we ask that you only submit your request one time through our contact form. This will help us work through the request as quickly as possible without needing to look in different threads for context if another Support teammate has already started work on it or responded. Too many hands in the cookie jar is not always a good thing. 🍪 If you have reason to believe we did not receive your email, feel free to follow up.