How to export your team's Front account data


You will need to contact Front’s Support team in order to export your team’s Front account data. You cannot do this on your own in the app at this time.

How it works

When you request an account data export, we will provide you with the following data: 

  • Conversations and messages in your shared inboxes

  • Comments in your shared inboxes

  • Attachments from your shared inboxes (EML format only)

  • The above data includes any blocked and deleted users

We will not include attachments, comments, conversations, or discussions from individual inboxes or contact data. We will not export message templates and tags.


Step 1

Fill out our contact form with the line “Account data export request for {Customer name}.” You must have company admin permissions for the account for which you’re requesting an export.

Step 2

Our Support team will confirm you are a company admin on the account and then will begin the export.

Step 3

We will acknowledge your data export request within 72 hours and let you know that we have started to process the export. The export will be structured in a set of folders by inbox in CSV files. If you need message files in EML format, please let us know.

All files will be sent to you upon completion of the export. Each file is not necessarily an inbox, and will represent about 700mb of data, alphabetically ordered. If one inbox has more than 700mb then it will be provided in multiple files.