Setting up your team’s workflow: shared tags, signatures, rules, and message templates


Shared tags, signatures, message templates, and rules are essential tools to improve your team’s efficiency and your customer’s experience. One of the powers of Front is that once you create these shared resources, they can be easily used and updated for your entire team. That means no more manual and tedious maintenance of siloed and spread out information that can result in your customer communications being out-of-date or slow — you can easily update then share these team features to ensure the best experience for your customers.


Shared tags make it easy to track certain topics in your inboxes, set up rules to sort messages automatically, report on trends in analytics, and more. Shared tags are visible to your team so that everyone can use them for your shared workflow.

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Admins can create shared signatures for all teammates to use for email channels. This ensures that your entire team’s signatures are consistent and can be easily updated with the most relevant information. 

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Message templates

Message templates are saved message templates that are accessible to your entire team. They allow you to respond faster, prevent you from writing the same response over and over, and give your team a unified voice. You can also use dynamic variables to automatically fill in specific information in your message templates, saving more time and ensuring accurate responses. 

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Front's rules engine allows you to automate your team’s workflows so that conversations can be easily triaged and tracked. Rules can help you handle repetitive tasks to save time and work more efficiently in Front. 

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