Teammates list and their assignments [legacy]

⚠️ This is a legacy feature. Front accounts created after Jan 26, 2023 use Views.


The list of teammates in the Assigned conversations section of your sidebar will show you your teammates' assignments that originated from shared inboxes. It will not show any conversations from their individual inboxes, nor will it show conversations from shared inboxes that you do not have access to.


Step 1

Click on a teammate's name underneath the Assigned conversations section of your sidebar to see their assigned conversations. To customize which teammates show on your teammates list, you can show or hide them from your sidebar.

Step 2

Conversations currently assigned to the teammate will show in the conversation list. You can toggle between Open, Archived, and Snoozed conversations.

Note: Your teammate might have more assignments that are not visible to you, because they might have access to different shared inboxes than you do.

Step 3 (optional)

You can drag to reorder the teammates on this list. Learn more about customizing your sidebar here.