Gmail history import and sync


⚠️ This behavior applies to Front companies with a start date of Aug 16, 2023 or later. See this article for legacy sync behavior.


When you connect a Gmail individual inbox or shared inbox to Front, you will have the option to import your history and Front will maintain a two-way sync with Gmail for your emails and calendar events. This allows you to retain copies of conversations within both systems.

See this article for the same information on Office 365 channels. Note that SMTP forwarding channels will not have history import and syncing.

Gmail history import

When connecting your Gmail account to Front as a new channel, Front will perform a one-time history import. All tags and statuses on your emails will be imported into Front.

History import

Shared inbox

Individual inbox


Optionally import 50K most recent messages upon adding inbox

Optionally import 50K most recent messages upon adding inbox


Conversations archived by default and found in the Archived tab of shared inbox.

Conversation read/unread and open/archived status mirrored in Front.

Individual inboxes

Status in Gmail

Status in Front


Read in Inbox

Read in Inbox


Unread in Inbox

Unread in Inbox


Open in Inbox

Open in Inbox


Archived in All Mail

Archived in Inbox


Snoozed in Inbox

Archived in Inbox


Location in Gmail

Location in Front






Does not import or sync


Trash folder

Trash tab in Inbox


Spam folder

Spam tab in Inbox


Sent folder

Does not import to Front Sent folder, but does import with inbox history (Open and Archived tabs)


Starred folder

Starred folder


Label (alongside Inbox label)



Label (without Inbox label)

Skips individual Inbox; shared tag for shared inboxes

Gmail sync

After your Gmail account has been connected, Front will continue to sync the following items:

Action in Front


Effect in Gmail

New message received in Inbox

New message received in Inbox

Message is sent

Email appears in Sent

Conversation is marked as spam

Email moves to Spam

Conversation is unmarked as spam

Email moves to Inbox

Action in Gmail

Effect in Front

New message received in Inbox

New message received in Inbox

Email is sent

Message appears in conversation as Open in Inbox

Email is marked as spam

Conversation moves to Spam

Email is unmarked as spam

Conversation moves to Inbox

All additional items like read/unread status, archived/unarchived status, tag changes, trash and snooze actions, etc. will not be synced.


How do Gmail labels sync to Front exactly?

See this article for details about how Gmail labels become Front tags.

What happens when I reauthorize an offline Gmail channel?

If a Gmail sync channel is denied then reauthorized, Front will import any messages that were missed during the time it was offline. Tags and statuses for these imported messages will not sync with Front. Tags and statuses are only synced during the initial import.

How long does it take for an import to complete?

Import times vary based on the inbox’s number of messages, message contents, and attachments. It may take up to 72 hours to finish an import.

What order is my history imported?

Messages are imported from newest to oldest.

How do I automatically archive emails sent outside of Front?

When an email is sent from outside of Front, it will sync into your Front inbox as Open. To automatically archive these emails, you can create the following rule:

Anything else I should know?

See this FAQ section for common questions that apply to both the Gmail and Office 365 import and sync.