Emoji reactions and custom emojis


Emoji reactions allow you to quickly indicate your response to a comment, without the added noise and clutter of additional comments. They're a fun way for your team to express themselves and communicate with each other!

React to comments with emojis

To add a new emoji reaction to a comment:

  1. Hover over any comment.

  2. Click the React smiley face icon to the right of the comment.

  3. Select an emoji.

That's it! You'll see your added emoji appear right below the selected comment. 

To upvote or remove an existing emoji reaction, simply click on the existing emoji below the comment. You can also see who has upvoted the emoji reaction by hovering over the emoji.

Add a custom emoji

You can upload your favorite emoji— static or animated — and share it directly in comments or emails in Front.

Step 1

Hover over any comment, and click the React smiley face icon to the right of the comment.

Step 2

Select Add Emoji.

Step 3

Click on Upload Image to upload your emoji from your computer. Front allows you to upload JPG/PNG/GIF files up to 512 KB.

Step 4

Name your custom emoji and click Create.

Step 5 

React to comments with your custom emoji!



Does adding an emoji reaction notify others?

No. Adding an emoji will not send a notification or bump the conversation in your teammates' inboxes.

Can you use emoji reactions without comment permissions?

No. Since adding an emoji reaction is a comment action, any teammate who does not have permission to add a comment also cannot add an emoji reaction.

Do custom emojis work on Front's mobile app?

No. Custom emojis do not work on our mobile app. You will see a placeholder :emoji-name: instead.

Do custom emojis work with tags?

No. Tags do not support custom emojis.