AI Compose and Summarize features



AI capabilities in Front’s composer and comments sections assist teams by increasing productivity and efficiency. Use the AI compose feature as a co-pilot to instantly draft high-quality responses, or use the AI summarize feature to quickly gather context on long conversations to help you plan your next steps.


Compose with AI

Email channels only: AI capabilities within the Front composer enable you to instantly draft messages using context from an ongoing conversation or just a few bullet points. With AI draft assistance, you can focus on polishing and refining customer communication, rather than starting from scratch.

AI drafts are generated based on the draft you've already provided as well as any previous messages in the conversation (not including attachments). You can choose from various tones and languages using the dropdown menus.

To get started, just click the 🪄 wand icon in the composer toolbar.

Summarize with AI

You can also summarize a Front conversation with a click. The AI-generated summary also includes a customer happiness score and even a recommendation for the best next step. The summary is based on the messages in the conversation; it doesn't include comments and attachments.

To generate a conversation summary, click the 🪄 wand icon in the comment composer toolbar in the bottom right corner.

Enable or disable AI features


  • You must be a company admin to manage AI features for all Front users in your company

  • You must be on one of the plans listed in the Pricing section below

Step 1

Click the gear icon on the top right of Front, then select company settings in the left sidebar. Select Preferences from the left menu.

Step 2

Find the Enable third-party AI features preference, toggle it on enable AI features for your company, then click Save. Toggle off the preference to disable AI features for your company. This feature is toggled on by default.


Is my data used for model training purposes, or any purposes other than to provide the AI output to the user?

No. We use OpenAI’s text generation API to power AI features within Front, and OpenAI does not train their models on any Front customer data. Your data is not used for any purpose other than to provide the AI output to the user. For increased reliability, we use both OpenAI and Microsoft Azure as providers for this functionality. In accordance with the GDPR, OpenAI and Microsoft Azure are listed as a subprocessors on our website here.

Is my data stored anywhere?

No. Zero data retention is applied to every API request. Data is not saved anywhere within OpenAI after an API request has been completed.

What context does the AI compose feature use to generate email replies?

Today, the AI compose feature generates replies based on:

  1. Any details you’ve already provided in your draft, like bullet points

  2. The messages in the conversation you’re replying to

In the future, we’ll improve the accuracy of AI compose by leveraging broader context like your knowledge base and message templates.

Do the AI features use content in attachments or comments?

No. The AI compose and summarize features only use written content in the conversation’s messages.

Which provider powers AI features in Front?

We're using OpenAI and Azure OpenAI, which are industry-leading AI providers. Specifically, we use the text generation API.

(GDPR) Is OpenAI a Front subprocessor?

Yes, OpenAI is a Front subprocessor as detailed in our publicly available subprocessor list found here.

(GDPR) Is Microsoft Azure a Front subprocessor?

Yes, Microsoft Azure is a Front subprocessor as detailed in our publicly available subprocessor list found here.

Are there rate limits?

Yes. Each teammate account has a limit of 50 requests per day.


We'd love to hear about your experience! Contact us here and make sure to include the subject line AI Compose/Summarize Feedback.


Front’s AI features are available on the following plans at no additional cost:

  • AI Compose: Scale plan or above

  • AI Summarize: Latest Growth plan (May 2023) or above

If you are on a legacy plan and don't have access to these features, you can update to one of our latest plans in your Billing settings or contact your account manager. Users with high usage in a short period of time may encounter rate limits.