Import email history for SMTP forwarding channel


Front allows you to directly import your email history using the Gmail or Office 365 two-way sync channels. However, if you're looking to import historical messages that are not currently synced with Gmail or Office 365 — in other words, using an SMTP forwarding channel — here are our options to do so.

Use the API

Importing messages into Front can be done via our Import message endpoint available through our API. Documentation can be found here.

Note that this endpoint does not currently support importing multiple messages at the same time, but one message per request. Imported messages will be located in the inbox you specified through the inbox_id parameter.

Manually forward

If you're not looking to import a high amount of historical emails, an alternative would be to create a generic SMTP channel in Front, for which a forwarding address will be automatically created:

You can then manually forward the desired messages from your email provider to this address to have them show in Front.