How to make inboxes public for your team


Choosing to make a shared inbox public means that all current and future teammates, tags and message templates in that Workspace are automatically granted access to that inbox. This means that:

  • The public inbox is visible to everyone in that Workspace
  • The public inbox is not visible to other Workspaces


For new inboxes

Step 1

Click the gear icon on the top right of Front and into the Company settings tab. Click on Inboxes on the left menu and Add a shared inbox.

Step 2

Fill out the name and description of your inbox, and click Create.

Step 3

Configure the channel for your inbox, and create rules for the inbox, if you'd like.

If you need additional help with these steps, check out our main article on adding and using shared inboxes.

Step 4

When you get to the Teammate access settings, choose Make public to everyone, and click Continue. This setting does not automatically add the new public inbox to your teammates' sidebars. You can select which teammates need the inbox added to their sidebars on the next screen. 

Step 5 

In the Settings section, you will customize further items for the inbox; such as adding the inbox to teammates' sidebars, whether to create an analytics report for the inbox, and more. You can click the More settings button at the bottom to expand further options. Click Finish to create your new public inbox.

For existing inboxes

Step 1

Click the gear icon on the top right of Front and into the Company settings tab, and select Inboxes on the left menu.

Step 2

Select the inbox, then click the Teammate access section. 

Step 3

Select Make public to everyone. This will update access so that everyone in the Workspace has access to this inbox, and will automatically grant access to future teammates. 

 Step 4

Click Save


How can I remove a teammate from a public inbox?

Navigate to the Teammate access tab for the inbox that you'd like to remove the teammate from., then click Select which teammates have access. Hover over the teammate and select the checkbox that appears to the left. Click Remove, then click Save.

Do new teammates see public inboxes?

When you invite a new teammate to a Workspace, all of the Workspace's public inboxes will be pre-selected in the list of shared inboxes, and you will not be able to deselect any public inboxes.

All public inboxes will automatically be added to the new teammate's sidebar.