Open at start

Term name Open at start

Track work from previous periods that carried over to this period.


Example use case: If your team starts each period with a high backlog of Open at start, it could signal that they have too much work to handle.

Definition Count of conversation segments with activity in the 7 days before the report period that remained open at the beginning of the period.
Location & attribution
  • Conversations report
    • Conversation Flows chart
    • Inboxes table - Conversations segments are counted for an inbox if they started the period in that inbox.
  • Only conversation segments with activity in the 7 days prior to the report are eligible to be considered Open at start. Therefore, the number you see in Analytics may not match the Open counters visible in Front’s main application if you have old, untouched conversations in your inbox.
  • When a teammate filter is applied to the Conversations Report, conversations will be counted if the teammate took any action (sent a message, commented, etc.) over the course of the conversation. 
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