Replacing a teammate in Front


A common situation for our Front users is when an employee leaves your team or company, and you need to replace their teammate account in Front with a new teammate  — what is the best way to approach this?


We recommend the following method:

Step 1: Block or delete the old teammate from your Front account

Step 2: Add the new teammate 

This ensures all work performed by the old teammate will continue to be attributed to them. 

We do not recommend changing the old teammate's user login to be the new teammate's, as this would increase confusion in the historical emails, as all actions done by the old teammate would now have the new teammate's name.

Billing changes

After you block or delete a user from the teammates list, you will be prompted with a choice to remove the license from your account as well. 

If you want to invite a new teammate, do not remove the license so it can be used for that teammate.

If you don't have a new teammate to invite immediately, you may want to remove the license. When licenses are removed, you will not receive a refund or credit for that license. You will have the additional license available for use for the remainder of the renewal period.

Any time you add a new user license, we immediately bill the pro-rated amount for your current contract term.